New dimension in water determination according to Karl Fischer to analyse a wide range of samples

The Top 3 Advantages

All sample types determinable - especially for difficult substances


Efficient & fast sample preparation


Semi-automatic or fully automatic water determination

Simplify your laboratory workflows for KF titration with the headspace oven

The new Headspace oven and sample changer for coulometric KF titration are the ideal tools for coulometric Karl-Fischer titration. The headspace oven technique allows the separation of the water to be titrated from liquid, solid and pasty samples.

More advantages for everyday laboratory work: No contamination of solvent, anolyte, generator and indicator electrode, Automated sample measurement of up to 49 samples in succession with individual treatment (start drift, temperature), Flexible system - can be upgraded at any time & expanded for new requirements and GxP-compliant operation with TitriSoft titration software

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