More space on your laboratory bench – most compact refrigerated centrifuge in its class

The Top 3 Advantages

Refrigerated benchtop centrifuge – top performer for high throughput


Energy efficient and silent with automatic standby ECO mode


Temperature setting range from –10 °C to +40 °C

Standby feature ECO mode is energy-efficient and reduces noise level

The high-performance Sigma 4-5KL laboratory centrifuge is designed for throughput and capacity. The hight torque enables especially short acceleration times and makes laboratory processes efficient.
With a temperature adjustment range of –10°C to +40°C the refrigerated version Sigma 4-5KL is recommended for the protection of specimens with especially sensitive limit temperatures.
The Sigma 4 5KL also boasts a low noise level and an extensive range of accessories. The Sigma 4-5KL refrigerated centrifuge is recommended for all applications in which the room temperature must be maintained. To save energy and reduce costs, the refrigerated centrifuge offers the ECO mode feature. After a user-settable time, the centrifuge automatically switches to standby mode if it is not being used. Along with being energy efficient, this improves the working atmosphere in the lab by switching off the refrigeration to significantly reduce the noise level. The refrigerated centrifuge has a very small footprint and offers good value for money. The Sigma 4 5KL is also available as an IVD model.

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