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ZEISS ZEN core - Your Software suite for connected microscopy in laboratory and production

The Top 3 Advantages

Simple configuration and operation combined with advanced imaging


Standard-compliant image analysis methods


Support for GxP compliant workflows

The comprehensive solution for imaging, segmentation, data storage and analysis

ZEISS ZEN core is a powerful software suite for microscopy imaging, automated control of motorized ZEISS microscopes, and multi-modal workflows in material laboratory environments. Use ZEN core to handle routine tasks on a wide range of ZEISS microscope and camera systems. ZEN core provides access to every parameter and function you might wish to optimize through an intuitive and configurable graphical interface. Create task-specific workbenches that show only controls on the screen that realy matter for your workflows. Combine workbenches to create dedicated jobs that assist your operators through a defined flow of consecutive tasks, to ensure data repeatability in a multi-user environment. ZEN core helps you to make your lab even more productive. With workflow and infrastructure solutions that connect data from different microscopes, ZEN core delivers more meaningful information in the form of correlated multiscale and multi-modal data characterization. With the new ZEN database connectivity features, you can access your valuable data across instruments, laboratories and locations.

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