STARLIMS Integrated Solution

Lab 4.0 - Moving beyond Digitalization in the Lab


Data Integrity: Integrated Solution incl. LIMS, SDMS, ELN, LES, Advanced Analytics, Mobile, Cloud Services

Automation: Configurable interfaces with enterprise systems and analytical instrumentation

Compliance: Support ALCOA obligations and facilitate process standardization

The impact of technology on the way labs operate

There is no doubt that technology has impacted the way labs operate, and will continue to do so. In today’s competitive landscape, organizations need to take a holistic view of their lab processes and identify areas for improvement. The future of laboratory software will evolve into more fully integrated solutions from concept to consumer where the systems, lab techs, and clients are more tightly integrated, with the end goal of entering data once and enabling it to flow through all of the business processes, through to the end-user or client.

STARLIMS is continually investigating how to incorporate new technologies, such as lab execution system (LES), digital assistance, speech recognition and machine learning into the LIMS ecosystem. The Integrated STARLIMS solution encompasses LIMS, scientific data management system (SDMS), laboratory execution system (LES), electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), together with advanced analytics, mobile and cloud services.


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information management
scientific data management

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STARLIMS Integrated Solution

Lab 4.0 - Moving beyond Digitalization in the Lab