Flexible and Space-saving Digestion System

Ideal for acid digestion in food analysis

The ECOPRE is ideal for acid digestion in food analysis because it’s inert, easy to handle and works pressure-free. The system’s size is variable, so it’s also a good choice for labs with small sample quantities or a tight budget.

Your Benefits:

  • Cost-efficient: choose from different standard system sizes
  • Consumption-efficient : low acid consumption due to patented reflux design
  • Flexible: different vial sizes for sample amounts up to 3-5 g
  • Compact: space-saving design
  • Save: Reflux cap reduces acid vapors and lab contamination compared to digestion in open beakers
  • Low blanks: Vials and caps are made from high purity PFA
  • Work-efficient: touch screen controller for fast and intuitive set of digestion programs is optionally available

Reduce Aggressive Acid Vapors and High Blanks

Digestion or extraction by acids or acid mixtures like aqua regia is routine work in many elemental analysis laboratories. The methods are used for sample treatment of environmental, nutritional or semiconductor samples to bring them in solution for trace metal analysis with AAS, ICP-OES or ICP-MS. The traditional method uses open vessels. During digestion, aggressive acid vapors are produced which pollute the surrounding and can attack metal parts in the hood. With the increasingly sensitive analytic devices, glassware or contaminated plastics can cause high blanks.
Problems like this can be avoided by using the pressure-free digestion system ECOPRE. Vials and reflux caps are made of the ultra-pure and inert fluoropolymer PFA, heated by an acid-resistant heating plate.

Acid vapors and volatile elements like mercury, arsenic and boron are condensed and collected in a reflux cap on each vial. The solution in the cap can be added to the sample solution after digestion. Vials and reflux caps can be taken apart for easy and fast cleaning. PFA is not only ultra-clean, but is also resistant against many chemicals, even against hydrofluoric acid.

Customizable to Your Needs

There are six different vial sizes available for ECOPRE, therefore the system can be adapted to your needs. Digestion sample quantities can range from 0,2 g up to 5 g. The modular system offers the possibility to change between differently sized vials on one heating plate.

Acid-resistant and Controllable Heating Plate

The vials are heated on PFA covered graphite heating plates. Due to the polymer coating, the heating plates are resistant against acids and many other chemicals. The maximum temperature for permanent use is 220 °C (430 °F). The user can choose between different heating plate sizes, depending on the amount of samples that have to be processed and to use available hood space efficiently. Three different temperature controllers are available, one is a programmable controller with an easy-to-use touch screen display. This controller is pre-programmed with various digestion methods, i.e. for aqua regia extraction of soils or different nutritional samples like rice, milk or fish. Furthermore, users can set up and save their own programs. It is possible to record temperature sequences during the digestion and export them for documentation.
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