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Blade by CEM

Lightning-fast microwave digestion in 5 minutes

Easy handling and real-time documentation for precise analyses

The future of microwave digestion systems is here. The BLADE brings speed, simplicity, performance, and flexibility to labs to increase their capabilities and drive them into the future of elemental analysis....

acid digestion analytica digestion +11
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isoprime precisION by Elementar Analysensysteme

isoprime precisION stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer

The most flexible, yet powerful isotope ratio mass spectrometer ever created

High performance IRMS in a compact benchtop footprint ✓ ionOS IRMS software delivers unrivalled levels of intelligent control ✓ Undertake unique research with a suite of development tools and options...

carbonate analysis food authenticity testing food control +8
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SAN++® Compact by Skalar Analytic

Continuous flow analyzer - latest generation to automate your photometric analysis

Analyze numerous samples with different matrices – quick and cost-effective

Up to 360 measurement results per hour (60 analyzes per hour simultaneously for up to 6 parameters) ✓ Fully automatic sample handling with homogenization, dilution, digestion, distillation, etc ✓ Analysis methods according to ISO, EPA, ASTM, EBC and others ✓...

analytica analyzers beer analysis +12
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FIA System by MLE Dresden

FIA System for Automated Water Analysis

Devices Used in Environmental, Water, and Food Analysis

Program-controlled sample preparation and automated digestion procedures ✓ Flexible method design, short commissioning times ✓ Low reagent consumption, easy operation ✓...

Ammonium determination cyanide determination drinking water analytics +10
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Mars 6 by CEM

Everything under Control - with This Intelligent Microwave Digestion System

High Sample Throughput with Just One Click

Totally redesigned with an impressive list of features and capabilities, MARS 6 was developed to make microwave sample preparation virtually effortless...

acid digestion digestion digestion equipment +21
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UNICUBE / vario EL cube / vario MAX cube by Elementar Analysensysteme

Versatile CHNS analysers for every laboratory requirement

Robust, precise and cost-effective: ideal for micro and macro samples

Our elemental analyzers for organic elemental analysis offer highest versatility and reliability in the determination of CHNS + O + Cl. Learn more...

analytica carbon analysers chemical analysis +14
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S2 PICOFOX by Bruker Nano

Fast trace element analysis with TXRF

Quantitative and semiquantitative element analysis of liquids, suspensions, solids and contamination

Simultaneous multi-element trace analysis, including halogenides ✓ Analysis of smallest sample amounts in the nanogram or microgram range ✓ Simple quantification using an internal standard without daily calibration ✓...

air analytics analyzers biomedical research +18
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S4 T-STAR by Bruker Nano

TXRF spectrometer: Sub-ppb detection limits & 24/7 analytics

Minimal operating costs because no gases, media or lab equipment are required

The TXRF spectrometer S4 T-STAR offers lowest detection limits in the sub-ppb range ✓ TXRF offers lowest operation costs and does not require gases, media or lab infrastructure ✓ The system is optimized for 24/7 operation in industrial routine analysis ✓...

air analytics biomedical research environmental testing +13
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TOC & Water Analysis by Elementar Analysensysteme

Unmatched Application Flexibility in Toc Analysis

User-friendly TOC analysis in ultrapure water, waste water, soils or waste

Do you want to learn more about highly flexible, precise, and accurate TOC analysis? Click here and discover TOC analyzers from Elementar...

carbon analysers carbon analysis elemental analysis +17
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MiniLab AR & AP by SEAL Analytical

Robot-assisted analysis of pH, conductivity, BOD

Reduce your workload and increase reliability in the laboratory

Accurate - Reduce error and operator/sample Interaction ✓ Economical - Various platforms to fit your workload Reliable - Robust design for consistent results...

conductivity measurement environmental analysis laboratory robots +10
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