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Flexacams i5 & c5

Flexacams i5 & c5 by Leica

Detailed. Networked. Flexible

Select the appropriate camera for your microscope

microscope cameras

DM6 M by Leica

Upright Material Microscope

All Set and remembered

DM8000 M & DM12000 M

DM8000 M & DM12000 M by Leica

See More, Detect Faster

High-throughput Inspection Systems

Optische Inspektionssysteme
Emspira 3

Emspira 3 by Leica

Inspiring simple inspection

Inspect with a single system

digital microscopes

DVM6 by Leica


Fast, reliable, and easy to use

3D microscopes
DMi8 A

DMi8 A by Leica

Inverted Microscope for Industrial Applications Leica DMi8

See more of your sample

inverted microscopes
Cleanliness Expert

Cleanliness Expert by Leica

Target contamination fast

The right cleanliness analysis solution for your needs


VEGAPULS 6X by VEGA Grieshaber

Cyber-safe level measurement - here's how it works

Find out more about the unique sensor for liquid and solid media

level sensors

UNISTAT by Huber Kältemaschinenbau

Green Line: Accurate and sustainable temperature control systems for laboratories and industry

Increase your process efficiency with innovative temperature control solutions and low environmental impact


oscas by LabCognition

Spectroscopy Apps for Routine Spectrum Analysis

Increase sample throughput, avoid errors and save ressources

spectral databases

Select process products for your application

multi N/C x300 Serie New

multi N/C x300 Serie by Analytik Jena

The TOC/TNb analyzer that really makes your work easier

Automated analyses without sample dilution, long-term stable calibration

TOC analysers
Particle Size Standards and Count Controls

Particle Size Standards and Count Controls by Applied Microspheres

Particle Size Standards and Count Controls meeting the highest international metrological criteria

Calibration and validation of particle sizing and counting instruments

particle standards
Ionendetektoren für Massenspektroskopie

Ionendetektoren für Massenspektroskopie by Hamamatsu Photonics

Innovative detector solutions for
mass spectrometry

Unique devices for the next generation of mass spectral analysis

ion detectors
Xelsius Reaction Work Station

Xelsius Reaction Work Station by nevoLAB

10 reactions – individually controlled in just one instrument

Ideal for parallelsynthesis, reaction optimization, solvent screening, crystallisation & DoE studies

SprayMaster inspex

SprayMaster inspex by LaVision

Quality Control for Your Spraying Process Through Digital Spray and Particle Analysis

Reliable, Automated, Digital - The Geometry Measurement of Your Spraying Process in Real Time

spray analysis systems
Apreo 2 Scanning Electron Microscope

Apreo 2 Scanning Electron Microscope by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Apreo 2 SEM: Scanning Electron Microscope with Impressive Resolution Specifications

Unmatched versatility powered by ChemiSEM Technology

scanning electron microscopes

QICPIC | PICTOS & Co. by Sympatec

Analysis of particle size and particle shape in laboratory and process from below 1 µm to 34,000 µm

Fast, reproducible and comparable measuring results with dynamic image analysis

particle analyzers
Multiplexer FMX

Multiplexer FMX by Hellma

Realization of up to 16 Measuring Points with only one NIR Spectrometer

Highly Efficient Online Analysis at many Measuring Points and in Different Media Streams

NIR spectrometers
Flexacams i5 & c5

Flexacams i5 & c5 by Leica

Detailed. Networked. Flexible

Select the appropriate camera for your microscope

microscope cameras

DM6 M by Leica

Upright Material Microscope

All Set and remembered


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