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B 35

B 35 by FRYKA Kältetechnik

Deep freezer for arctic cold - directly on your lab bench

Your samples - ready to hand thanks to decentralized storage and safely cooled at up to - 85 °C

deep freezers
FRYKA - circulating coolers ULK

FRYKA - circulating coolers ULK by FRYKA Kältetechnik

Recirculating chillers from FRYKA - whisper-quiet, efficient and sustainable

Cool with a clear conscience

recirculating chillers
SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software

SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software by Merck

SYNTHIA Retrosynthesis Software

Efficiency enhancement in chemical research through innovative retrosynthesis

laboratory software

OPUS by Sympatec

Measure particle sizes non-destructively and in real time

Ideal for suspensions and emulsions with up to 70 % solids content

particle size analyzers
Multi-Liter Hydrogen Gasgenerator

Multi-Liter Hydrogen Gasgenerator by VICI

New Multi-Liter Hydrogen Generator by VICI DBS

Generate up to 18l/min of Hydrogen

hydrogen generators

Blade by CEM

Lightning-fast microwave digestion in 5 minutes

Easy handling and real-time documentation for precise analyses

microwave digestion systems

FLEXI-FLOW™ by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Ultra-compact gas flow meter with superior accuracy

Ingenious: measure flow, temperature and pressure in the same device

gas flow meters

Lockout-Tagout by Schärer+Kunz

Lockout Tagout: Provides best practice for controlling hazardous energies during maintenance

LoTo: Fulfilment of legal principles and regulations at the machine manufacturer and plant operator

Lockout Tagout Locks


LABS/Q LIMS - The professional standard solution for all laboratories

Cross-Industry Laboratory Application, Which Has Been Used Successfully for More than 30 Years

laboratory information management systems

LabVision by HiTec Zang

Flow and batch processes - visualize and automate cleverly

Optimize processes in the lab, pilot plant or miniplant with this smart software solution

process visualization software

Select laboratory products for your application

Redeem continuous-flow Photoreactor New

Redeem continuous-flow Photoreactor by Redeem Solar Technologies

Scalable, green and efficient synthesis with the Redeem photoreactor

The new Redeem photoreactor opens up unique possibilities in the world of chemical synthesis

flow photoreactor
UV Mini-Spectrometer C16767MA New

UV Mini-Spectrometer C16767MA by Hamamatsu Photonics

UV-sensitive model of mini-spectrometer micro series

New UV Spectrometer

UV spectrometers
FLEXI-FLOW Compact series New

FLEXI-FLOW Compact series by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Extended series sets new standards for gas flow control

Precision, versatility and efficiency with compact multifunctional mass flow technology

gas flow controllers
speedwave XTRACT New

speedwave XTRACT by Berghof

Microwave sample preparation: Fast and safe

speedwave XTRACT: High efficiency and low operating costs for environmental and food analyses

sample preparation systems


The first active oil-water separator: safe, clean, modular

Innovative oil-water separator revolutionizes condensate treatment in compressed air stations

oil-water separation systems
Data Management Platform New

Data Management Platform by LabV Intelligent Solutions

Turn data into better products

Maximum efficiency in the laboratory with LabV’s AI-powered data management platform

laboratory data systems

UNISTAT by Huber Kältemaschinenbau

The original, reworked! - Unistat process circulators

Sustainable with CO2 refrigerant and with a 4-year guarantee

temperature control systems
PromoChrom - Presto New

PromoChrom - Presto by PromoChrom Technologies

New SPE system with 8 channels: Ultimate efficiency in solid phase extraction

Ultra-fast - process 1,000 mL samples in just 10 to 20 minutes

extraction systems
LenS3 MALS-V Dual Detector New

LenS3 MALS-V Dual Detector by Tosoh

Advanced triple detection solution for GPC polymer analysis

The only all-in-one detector for multi-angle light scattering (MALS) and viscometry

GPC detectors
AS-210 Greenhouse Gas Autosampler New

AS-210 Greenhouse Gas Autosampler by SRI Instruments

Awesome - Gas Autosampler for up to 360 Samples

High sample throughput and contamination-free results for reliable measurements


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