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  • Detecting fluorescence signals from nanoscale thin films

    Researchers from INNOVENT e.V. and Ferdinand-Braun-Institut gGmbH have developed a measurement technique that allows to detect nanoscale fluorescent thin films for the first time without using expensive laboratory equipment. The addressed fields of appli-cation of fluorescent thin films and the asso more

  • Solar hydrogen: Better photoelectrodes through flash heating

    Producing low-cost metal-oxide thin films with high electronic quality for solar water splitting is not an easy task. Especially since quality improvements of the upper metal oxide thin films need thermal processing at high temperatures, which would melt the underlying glass substrate. Now, a team a more

  • Shrimply the best composite membranes

    Shrimp shells, plant extracts and recycled plastic have helped KAUST researchers to build a sustainable thin-film composite membrane that could replace conventional membranes whose environmental toll is greater. Thin-film composite membranes are widely used in applications such as wastewater treatme more

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Thin film Thin films are thin material layers ranging from fractions of a nanometre to several micrometre s in thickness. Electronic semiconductor devices and optical coatings are the main applications benefiting from thin film construction. ... more


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