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Efficient Analysis of 27 Elements in Petrochemical Products with an ED-XRF spectrometer

Spectro Analytical Instruments


For the analysis of oils, it is important to achieve very low detection limits for critical trace elements.

Cover page: Analysis of Oils

Five key applications for the elemental analysis of petrochemical products are discussed in this report: From blending control of fresh lubricants and the control of additive packages to used oil analysis, sulfur in crude oil distillates as well as sulfur and other trace elements in crude oil and heavy fuel oil along with distillate burner fuels derived from waste mineral oils.

The SPECTRO XEPOS was used for the analysis, and was set up with one single calibration to handle all of the petrochemical applications reported in this paper. It provides exceptional accuracy, sensitivity and flexibility — resulting in fast, accurate and economic analysis

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  • crude oil analysis
  • mineral oil analysis
  • mineral oil
  • crude oils
  • sulfur analysis
  • energy dispersive X…
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