Air Products Licenses SciQuest's Hosted Model of Enterprise Reagent Manager

Software solution specifically designed to enhance chemical inventory management and supply chain capabilities


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Jul 17, 2002 - SciQuest, Inc., a software, information and services company that provides solutions to enhance research operations for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other research-based organizations, announced today that Air Products and chemicals, Inc. has chosen to license SciQuest's web hosted model of its Enterprise Reagent Manager(TM) (ERM) to improve internal chemical management processes and enhance compliance reporting in the industrial chemical workplace.

SciQuest Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM) is a web-enabled research-asset management and planning software application that enables enterprise-wide procurement and management of chemical materials. In so doing, the software package reduces the time scientists spend on material acquisition, inventory management and logistics -- thereby maximizing the time dedicated to research and development.

"The SciQuest ERM hosted model leverages the browser based ERM Researcher Desktop to deliver key chemical availability and hazard information to researchers, while simultaneously offering robust reporting and simplified bar code tracking capabilities," said Terry Graber, Senior Product Director for SciQuest. "The hosted model of ERM will provide Air Products with the entire key chemical inventory tracking capabilities of ERM without the burden of managing the associated database services and web services components. We look forward to working with Air Products to support their ongoing initiatives to effectively and efficiently manage their research chemicals."

The need for end-to-end supply chain solutions has become increasingly important as R&D organizations invest in new technologies to remain competitive in today's market. High-throughput technology has dramatically increased research volumes, generating an unprecedented amount of chemical entities to be managed. Managing this growing volume of chemicals by traditional means has become a great expense to organizations and a burden for researchers, taking away time that could be better spent on research and development. Research asset management solutions like the software developed by SciQuest provide organizations with tools that improve the flow of materials and information, thereby accelerating the research process.

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