30-Nov-2015 - NürnbergMesse GmbH

POWTECH 2016: chemical industry continues to pinpoint efficiency of resources

From 19 to 21 April 2016, POWTECH will once again bring together mechanical process engineering experts from various sectors of industry at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. For the three days of the event, the around 900 exhibitors at this technology forum will also showcase everything the chemical industry needs for the manufacture, processing and handling of powders, granules or bulk solids. The exhibition will feature solutions from size reduction through filtering and separation to mixing and dispersing, including applications with liquids and will reflect the chemical industry’s continued focus on the efficient use of energy and resources.

The VCI-Prognos survey “German Chemical Industry 2030” defines the issue of raw material efficiency as one of the most important drivers for future investment in the German chemical industry. Due to fierce competition and the increasing cost of raw materials and energy, efficient production is absolutely crucial from a commercial perspective. Now that many processes have in fact already been optimised to the greatest possible extent, a further increase in efficiency will result above all from a modified product mix. In this conjunction, the VCI forecasts that there will be an increase in the production of higher grade chemicals.

Mixing systems the key technology in the chemical industry

In future therefore, more and more chemical products will be manufactured in successive synthesis steps. These chemicals are often prepared in high performance powder mixers and then decanted and packed.
The active ingredients are usually extremely pure and in an extremely high concentration, which naturally imposes special requirements on the mixing technology and machines used. Matthias Böning, Sales Manager of amixon GmbH, defines the requirements as follows: ideal mixing quality, micro-fine de-agglomeration, short mixing times, high-grade residue removal and flexible use for varying degrees of filling. “Because of the regular wet cleaning that has to take place, operators are also calling for hygienic process equipment designs that are compact and space-saving,” continues Böning. “The trend in the industry is to complete as many processing steps as possible in smaller batches in a much reduced processing time. We have defined the resulting mixer requirements as a development objective and have brought out a new mixing system that achieves ideal mixes within just 20 to 60 seconds – despite using mixing tools with low rotational speeds. Rotationally symmetrical closing elements lower just a few centimetres and allow total evacuation in seconds, enabling large volume flows to be homogenised using small mixers.”

amixon GmbH is one of around 360 companies that will showcase the entire technological spectrum of mixing solutions for dry materials, suspensions and liquids

The latest developments in particle technology

Parallel to the fair, the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre will also be welcoming PARTEC, the international congress for particle technology. PARTEC brings together leading particle engineers and scientists to share knowledge about the latest developments in particle formation, agglomeration and coating processes as well as measuring techniques and various industrial applications for particles.

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