SPECTRO Reaches Milestone with Shipment of 40,000th Instrument

15-Sep-2015 - Germany

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading manufacturer of advanced instruments for elemental analysis, has announced a major milestone — the shipment of its 40,000th spectrometer. The “milestone instrument,” a SPECTRO ARCOS state-of-the-art optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES), was delivered to SGS Germany GmbH.

SGS is a long-time SPECTRO customer with dozens of SPECTRO instruments in operation worldwide performing various applications in elemental analysis. The milestone ARCOS spectrometer was delivered to SGS’s operations in Speyer, Germany.

“In our laboratories, we examine many samples for our customers every day. The Speyer location specializes in testing fuels and operational liquids, such as diesel, gasoline, natural gas, lubricants, cooling fluids and fuel additives,” explained Markus Wenzel, deputy laboratory manager at SGS in Speyer. “Because this market is constantly changing and setting new requirements, we decided to procure an additional analytical instrument — one that would fit our high standards for the respective applications and special needs for elemental analysis. The ARCOS, with its high sensitivity, enormous precision, and low detection limits, was especially convincing. In addition, the plasma generator offers large energy reserves so that even extreme plasma loads with changing sample types presents no problems.

“The decision to select SPECTRO was an easy one, as we’ve had many years of good experience with SPECTRO instruments. We’re also extremely satisfied with the quality of service,” Wenzel noted.

SPECTRO Managing Director Manfred Bergsch expressed his “warm thanks” to SGS for their “many years of trust.”

“In 1998, SPECTRO shipped its 10,000th instrument — 19 years after the founding of our company. In the following 17 years, we delivered another 30,000 spectrometers. Our track record demonstrates SPECTRO’s unique success story as well as our strength, innovative capability and customer orientation.

“I am firmly convinced that we’ll continue this impressive pace in the coming years. Moreover, in accordance with our team motto, ‘get in the game,’ we’re already targeting the 50,000 mark,” Bergsch added.

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