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Building with pentagons


Achim Müller and co-workers from Bielefeld University and Marshall Luban with his co-workers from the Departments of Physics and Astronomy at both Francis Marion University and Iowa State University worked on synthesising a Keplerate using pentagonal tungsten-oxide based units and studied its ...


Towards mimicking metalloenzymes


Scientists in Germany and the US generate highly oxidised diiron complexes that further our understanding on metalloenzymes in nature. Oxidised diiron species are used in nature in the active sites of several metalloenzymes, such as methane monooxygenase and ribonucleotide reductase. Methane ...


Open-Sesame Time for Nanocapsules

Nanocavity skeleton altered by substitution of metal ions


Hollow spherical capsules composed of pentagonal molybdenum-oxide units stitched together by metal-ion linkers are a remarkable example of porous nanoscale objects, and have attracted much recent attention because of their potential applications in areas as diverse as catalysis and biosensing. ...


Artificial Cells

Porous molybdenum oxide capsules serve as models for biological ion-transport processes


Do cells always have to be developed from organic carbon-containing compounds? When resourceful scientists stretch their imaginations, they quickly find an answer to this question. This is demonstrated by the work of Achim Müller of Bielefeld, Germany, and his co-workers, who have constructed an ...


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