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Direct conversion of methane to methanol

Catalyzed by gold-palladium nanoparticles


Liquid methanol is widely used as a feedstock for other chemicals and also has considerable potential as an alternative fuel source. However, converting methane--the primary component of abundant natural gas--into methanol is currently achieved by an indirect process which requires high heat and ...


BASF and bse Engineering planning to convert excess electric current to methanol

BASF provides custom made catalysts


BASF and bse Engineering today signed an exclusive joint development agreement for BASF to provide custom made catalysts for a new chemical energy storage process. This process will enable economically viable transformation of excess current and off-gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the chemical ...


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Selective electrocatalysts to boost direct methanol fuel cell performance


A research group from the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), Chinese Academy of Sciences recently reported the development of a new technology to boost performance of direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) using high-concentration methanol as fuel, shedding some light on the design of clean and ...


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New method to create the next fuel-efficient renewable energy

Using methanol, scientists aim to generate energy cells that move cars, warm houses and help produce food


Scientists have long struggled with generating and storing hydrogen, the kind that might one day provide the backbone for renewable energy fuel cells that make our cars move, warm our houses and help produce food, in a way that also won't hasten climate change or otherwise harm the ...


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New type of sensor material developed


Hokkaido University scientists have succeeded in developing a nickel complex that changes color and magnetism when exposed to methanol vapor. The new material can potentially be used not only as a chemical sensor, but also with future rewritable memory devices. The phenomenon of color changes in ...


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Nobel Prize winner of 1994 George Andrew Olah dies at 89


Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate George Olah died on March 8th at the age of 89 years. He had a major influence on the field of hydrocarbon chemistry. He made oil refinig more effective and opened the way of cleaner gasoline. He also contributed to modern drug discovery. “Distinguished Professor ...


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Chemoselective acetalization by a bifuncional cerium phosphate catalyst


Acid-base bifunctional catalysts exhibit wide applicability for atom-efficient functional group transformation, tandem reactions, and asymmetric synthesis. In heterogeneous catalysis, the acid-base properties of metal-oxide-based materials have been extensively studied. Nevertheless, it is ...


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Enhancing fuel cell performance with graphene

Exploiting the usage of 2 D crystals in methanol fuel cells


Scientists from the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, in the University of Manchester have come up with a way to utilize 2D materials in an actual operating direct methanol fuel cell. They have shown that the addition of single layer graphene by Chemical vapour deposition, on ...


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How solvent molecules cooperate in reactions


Molecules from the solvent environment that at first glance seem to be uninvolved can be essential for chemical reactions. This has been shown by researchers studying the formation of an ether in pure solvents and in their mixtures. They explained the underlying mechanisms in detail using ...


Scientists unravel how natural gas is converted into methanol at room temperature


Twenty years after the technique was developed, scientists at KU Leuven and Stanford University have unravelled the mechanism behind the direct conversion process of natural gas into methanol at room temperature. This discovery will have major consequences for the future use of methanol in ...


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