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3D printed surfaces inspired by nature

Biologically inspired structural colours for anti-counterfeiting applications


Scientists can use laser radiation to print tiny structures with high precision. This approach enables them to mimic the superpowers of animals and plants and makes them accessible for engineering applications. To survive in extreme habitats, many animals and plants have developed brilliant ...


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Electrochemical synthesis now possible without electric power source

New electrosynthesis process is independent of a power supply and can be used for sustainable organic synthesis, even in unpowered areas


Synthesis of organic compounds and polymers is at the core of many manufacturing industries. The new “electrifying synthesis” methods that can combine conventional synthetic chemistry with electrochemistry are a step closer to a sustainable tomorrow. These reactions don’t require potentially ...


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Towards new degradable polymers

Their degradation in water is much faster than that of reference polymers


Although plastics are very versatile in their uses, they pose a major problem: their degradation. Most of them take a long time to decompose in nature. In a new study published in Nature Communications, a research team from the CNRS and the University of Paris-Saclay has developed new polymers ...


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Spin-off develops and distributes solutions for high-precision multi-material 3D printing

The technology forms a "missing link" for a wide variety of new application areas


In the framework of an EXIST Transfer of Research project, the HETEROMERGE team is developing a technology for automated material exchange for high-precision 3D printers toward market maturity, enabling multi-material printing even in the area of extremely small structure sizes of down to 100 ...


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Environmentally-friendly coatings

New class of water-soluble catalysts that can be used to polymerize ethylene directly in water


Chemists from Konstanz develop a new class of catalysts that enable manufacturing of polyethylene dispersions directly in water. This opens up perspectives for the environmentally-friendly, solvent-free production of plastic coatings. Polyethylene (PE) is one of today's most important types of ...


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Start-up succeeds 3D-printing breakthrough – magic black(!) material allows photopolymerization

Combined with new translucent material, 3D-printing of entire optical systems possibl


Highly precise 3D-structures in black can now be printed using a 2 Photon-Polymerization (2PP) 3D-printing process. This seemed for a long time impossible as non-transmissive (black) materials greatly reduce the polymerization efficiency of the printing process. Now the 2PP-specialist UpNano GmbH ...


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X-ray insights may enable better plastics production

Analysis helps to understand fragmentation of catalyst particles in ethylene polymerisation


An X-ray study at DESY is pointing the way towards a better understanding of plastics production. A team led by Utrecht University investigated so-called Ziegler-type catalysts, the workhorses in the world's polyethylene and polypropylene production, at DESY's X-ray source PETRA III. As the ...


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How Green Is Your Plastic?

Economical synthesis of polyacrylates and polymethacrylates from biobased materials


Despite the best efforts of industry to work towards sustainability, most plastics (or polymers) are still made using non-renewable fossil fuels. However, researchers have now found an economical method for producing biobased acrylate resins. The study, published in the journal Angewandte Chemie, ...


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Fabricating the future with a new environment friendly method of polymerization

Insights into a novel environment friendly method of polymerization involving non-metallic organocatalysts opens doors to efficient polymeric products


Many materials in the modern world--from the plastics that dominate it to the electronic chips that drive it--are constructed of polymers. Given their ubiquity and the evolving requirements of our world, finding better and more efficient methods of making them is an ongoing research concern. In ...


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Did Darwinian evolution begin before life itself?

How long-chain molecules are formed


Before life emerged on Earth, many physicochemical processes on our planet were highly chaotic. A plethora of small compounds, and polymers of varying lengths, made up of subunits (such as the bases found in DNA and RNA), were present in every conceivable combination. Before life-like chemical ...


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