Particle analyzers: HAVER CPA 2-1

Dynamic Image Analysis in the laboratory


Optimum reproducibility with minimum measuring times at the same time

Meets the requirements of ISO 13322-2 for dynamic image analysis

Significant increase in measurements/day due to increased efficiency

Efficient grain size and shape analysis in the measuring range from 20 µm to 30 mm

Do you determine the particle shape and particle sizes of dry bulk solids in your laboratory with the aid of classical sieving? If so, you have so far been incurring avoidable costs with weighing, sieve tower set-up and the time-consuming cleaning of the sieves. The HAVER CPA 2-1 Particle Analyzer offers you an efficient alternative and guarantees exact and reproducible measurement results. The HAVER CPA 2-1 Particle Analyzer is ideally suited for the analysis of dry, free-flowing bulk materials such as fertilizers, abrasives, sand, coal, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, plastics, seeds, ceramics or glass. The technology of dynamic image analysis provides you with significant added value compared to classic screening: You gain significantly more and more detailed information about your product and can evaluate it precisely with the comprehensive HAVER CpaServ software and a wide range of parameters. You also benefit from the immediate, digital availability of all analyses.


Type: particle shape analyzers
Method: dynamic image analysis
Min. measurement range: 20000 nm
Max. measurement range: 30000000 nm
Parameter: particle count, particle shape, particle size, particle size distribution


HAVER CPA 2-1 for particle sizes from 20 micron


Free falling particles in the measuring range from 20 µm up to 30 mm can be measured and counted using the HAVER CPA 2-1.

Product classification


Analysis of dry free-flowing bulk materials
Analysis of fertilizers / abrasives / sand / coal / foodstuffs / pharmaceuticals / plastics / seeds / ceramics / glass
grain shape analysis
grain size analysis

Product categories

computer-aided particle analysis

Target Industries


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Particle analyzers: HAVER CPA 2-1

Dynamic Image Analysis in the laboratory

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