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11 Products of CEM

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Blade by CEM

Microwave Digestion System

The future of microwave digestion…today

The future of microwave digestion systems is here. The BLADE brings speed, simplicity, performance, and flexibility to labs to increase their capabilities and drive them into the future of elemental analysis....

acid digestion analytica digestion +10
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Discover 2.0 by CEM

Fastest microwave synthesis with lots of power for shortest reaction time

Discover 2.0 enables syntheses from a few mg to many grams in the same unit

The Discover® 2.0 is the premier microwave reactor for performing any organic or inorganic synthetic chemistry. Featuring a best-in-class 300 mL single...

chemical synthesis combinatorial chemistry drug synthesis +15
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Oracle by CEM

Ultrafast Fat Analyzer for All Foods

Fat Determination in under 30 Seconds

Oracle allows you to determine the fat content even in unknown samples - without method development or cumbersome calibration...

fat analysis fat analyzers fat determination +3
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Moisture/Solids/Volatiles Analyzer: One System, Limitless Testing

The SMART 6 features two major innovations compared to CEM's previous SMART 5 system: the ability to accurately analyze both wet and dry samples and a significant reduction in sample drying times...

drying drying systems fat determination +9
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Mars 6 by CEM

Everything under Control - with This Intelligent Microwave Digestion System

High Sample Throughput with Just One Click

Totally redesigned with an impressive list of features and capabilities, MARS 6 was developed to make microwave sample preparation virtually effortless...

acid digestion digestion digestion equipment +20
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Phoenix Black by CEM

Phönix Microwave Muffle Furnace

Reduce Analysis Times from Hours to Minutes

The new Phoenix line of microwave muffle furnaces offers unmatched versatility and speed in a rugged, easy-to-use system...

analytica ash determination ashes +17
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Liberty 2.0 Familie by CEM

The Most Efficient Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizers Available

The Liberty 2.0 Series of instruments features significant advancements in peptide quality, robustness, and overall flexibility compared to the previous generation....

microwave peptide synthesis microwave peptide synthesizers peptide synthesis +1
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Wow! Solvent extraction of up to 12 samples in just 5 minutes

Save time and solvent with this space-saving extraction system

Extraction of up to 12 samples. This allows different samples to be quickly extracted in just 5 minutes. The EDGE Extraction System from CEM is a sequential system for the fast automated solvent....

automated extraction automatic extraction systems environmental analysis +8
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SAM 255 by CEM

The Fastest Drying System in the World - Reduces Drying Times from Hours to Just a Few Minutes

The SAM 255™ is a unique instrument for rapidly drying samples up to 1kg in size. It can be used for moisture analysis or as a preparatory step for further analysis...

drying microwave drying microwave drying cabinets +1
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Phoenix Black SAS by CEM

Time Savings for Sulphate Ashing with Efficient Sulfated Ashing System

The Phoenix BLACK™ Sulfated Ash provides complete, safe sulfated ashing in as little as 45 minutes and requires minimal oversight from personnel....

microwave muffle furnaces muffle furnaces plastics analytics +2