19-Sep-2002 -

Stirring, Heating, Regulation

The "SLR" laboratory stirrer by Schott-Geräte, Mainz, with its functions stirring, heating and regulating meets the high demands of laboratory routine. The stirrer can mix liquids from carefully to intensively, heat them quickly if desired and keep them at the correct temperature. All functions are indicated and monitored via the large and clear liquid crystal display. Stirrer and heating are controlled separately by easy-to-handle rotary knobs. The stirrer's speed range is from 100 to 1,100 r.p.m. and can be adjusted in steps of 10 r.p.m. Excellent rotation is guaranteed already at low speeds. Heating output can be adjusted in 24 steps and the mean heating capacity at step 24 is 0.9 kW. With the Pt 1000 connected, the temperature can be automatically controlled between 25°C and 200°C.

The glass ceramics cooking surface which has proved its capability a million times in households is used as heating plate. It is ideal for use with laboratory cookers, perfectly resists most chemical agents, always remains plane and without pores and is therefore easy to clean. Due to its high resistance to thermal shocks, cold water can be poured over a hot glass ceramics cooking surface without damage.

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