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Eurofins Medigenomix / MWG Biotech sequence Wacker Chemie AG's bacterial protein production strain


Eurofins Medigenomix GmbH / MWG Biotech AG have finalised a genome sequencing project with Wacker Chemie AG for the analysis of the genetic differences between Wacker's proprietary industrial protein production E. coli strain and its corresponding parental strain. The successful sequencing is an ...


New RoboSeq 2500 DT automated biosystem for molecular biology applications


With the new fully automated lab robot RoboSeq 2500 DT Disposable Tips, MWG-Biotech announces the official commercialization of the latest member of its successful series of Automated Biosystems. The new system was officially launched on Biotechnica in Hanover at the beginning of October. ...


MWG-Biotech - Pan® Oligo Sets to make your own DNA chip


Pan® Oligo Sets is the brand name for MWG-Biotech’s new oligonucleotide sets that enable customers to produce their own oligonucleotide microarrays (DNA chips). The sets are based on the competence and the success of MWG-Biotech’s Pan® Array series of catalogue DNA chips and on the high ...


Sales start of MWG-Biotech‘s new Pan® Chromosome 21 Array


The Pan® Chromosome 21 Array consists of 498 specific gene sequences and contains all genes known for chromosome 21, as well as additional gene sequences whose location is supposed to be on that chromosome. A cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin around ...


MWG-Biotech’s RoboSmart: The first fully automated system for complete DNA purification up to sequencing reaction


MWG-Biotech announces the official commercialization of the new lab robot RoboSmart. The system is the first robot in the market to completely automate, in one single step on one single robot platform, plasmid or PCR product purification, set up, processing, and subsequent purification of the ...


MWG-Biotech – Pan® Rat Liver Array for toxicity testing


1,353 rat liver genes are spotted onto the array using MWG-Biotech’s 1gene/1oligo method. Every bioinformatoricly designed HPSF® oligonucleotide is 100% gene specific and thus guarantees the identification of the respective gene. In the development of this array MWG-Biotech’s Genomic ...


Millipore and MWG-Biotech sign co-marketing agreement to offer integrated solutions to the genomics researcher

Montage Life Science Kits and Automated Biosystems


Millipore Corporation (NYSE:MIL) and MWG-Biotech (NEMAX:NWU) announced today a non-exclusive agreement in which MWG-Biotech will market Millipore’s new Montage Life Science Kits in conjunction with MWG-Biotech’s Automated Biosystems for several genomics sample preparation applications in ...


MWG-Biotech officially launches the first complete spotted oligonucleotide yeast array

The first complete spotted high-density DNA yeast microarray on oligonucleotide basis with all 6.250 genes of the yeast genome is now officially launched.


The first complete spotted high-density DNA yeast microarray on oligonucleotide basis with all 6.250 genes of the yeast genome is now officially launched. For 2001 the expected turnover for the yeast microarray is 1,25 million €. It is the first of a series of microarrays that MWG-Biotech will be ...


MWG-Biotech enters cancer research cooperation with scientists from the University of Würzburg


MWG-Biotech has announced the formation of a consortium with a team of scientists at the University of Würzburg led by Prof. Sebastian Suerbaum, Prof. James G. Fox of the MIT of Cambridge, MA, and GeneData, Basel, to perform a whole genome analysis of Helicobacter hepaticus, using MWG-Biotech’s ...


MWG Biotech: Statement on the Chip Patent Situation


Affymetrix holds over 140 important patents for expression profiling, mutation analysis, genotyping and SNP analysis. Any company who wants to enter this market, be it for basic research, for the development of new medications, or for disease diagnostics, needs to acquire a licence from ...


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