Automated Weighing: Radically improve your dosing accuracy, productivity and safety

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

50 % fewer OOS – less rework


Economical use of rare or expensive samples with 30 % lower minimum weight


Maximum user safety by automated dispensing

Setting new standards for accurate, efficient and highly reproducible weighing processes

The XPR Automatic Balance significantly reduces exposure risk while ensuring the exacting precision and enhanced throughput required by modern workflows.

The XPR Automatic Balance supports accuracy, repeatability and safety by dosing from an enclosed head into target vials or capsules with openings as small as six millimeters in diameter. It then uses live feedback to learn a substance’s flow characteristics and improve dispensing efficiency in real time. This can be particularly effective when combined with a sample changer that can process as many as 30 samples in one automated run. The balance also allows manual operation. When combined with automated liquid dosing, precise concentrations are delivered every time, because solvent is added automatically based on the actual weight of weighed-in solids. This means manual powder dosing can be approximate, eliminating time-consuming scooping in or out to meet targets. Moreover, sample sizes can be reduced by up to 30 % to save up to 75 % of expensive or rare samples and further decreasing exposure potential.

  • powder dosing

  • automated capsule filling

  • analytical standard preparation

  • safety

  • automatic balances

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