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LUMiFuge® by LUM

Fast and accurate analysis of dispersion stability from 4°C to 60°C

Precise results for up to 8 dispersions simultaneously

Test formulations under original storage & usage temperatures, regardless of whether they are sold in cold, temperate or hot climates...

analytical centrifugation dispersion analysers dispersion characterization +5
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MultiScan MS 20 by DataPhysics

Dispersion stability analysis – easy and efficient

MultiScan MS 20 helps in the product optimization of emulsions and suspensions

Fast, sensitive, and non-destructive optical stability and aging analysis ✓ Quantitative, accurate and reliable analysis of electrode slurries for lithium-ion batteries ✓Analysis in original concentrations and under the real storage conditions (-10 °C to 80 °C)...

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LUMiReader X-Ray by LUM

New era of particle analysis with X-ray technology

Precisely characterize highly concentrated nano- and microdispersions without dilution

The volume concentration can be calculated even for polydisperse samples without knowing the refractive index...

battery development dispersion analysis flocculation +12
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NANOPHOX CS by Sympatec

Particle size analysis in the nano range: Analyzing high concentrations with ease

Reliable results without time-consuming sample preparation

Particle size analysis independent of particle concentration in the nano range ✓ Significant expansion of the concentration range through elimination of multiple scattering ✓ Reliable results with minimal sample preparation effort ✓...

dynamic light scattering granulometers nano analytics +18
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LUMiSizer by LUM

The Versatile Particle and Dispersion Analyser: At-Line, in the Process and in the Laboratory

Comprehensive analysis of nano / microparticles & their interactions in dispersions with 1 instrument

Nanoparticle & droplet: size distribution, density, Hansen parameters, magnetization, adhesion ✓ Direct & accelerated stability information for R&D, QC, upscaling of suspensions & emulsions...

battery technology bottles cells +18
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Turbiscan Tower by Microtrac Retsch

Multisample Analysis of Stability and Particle Size

Complete characterisation of concentrated formulations and dispersions

Fast and Sensitive stability determination up to 200x faster ✓ A complete insight to formulation properties stability size dispersibility redispersibility ✓ Quantified Stability Turbiscan Stability Index Instant reading on the LCD Screen ✓...

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