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Enhancing Sample Introduction in ICP Spectroscopy

The methods of ICP analysis allow elemental analysis in ultra-trace concentrations. AHF offers high quality accessories for ICP instruments more

Cascadable Two-Component Dosing System for Automatic Production Lines

Next to optimized design ViscoDuo-P 4/4 offers an optimization of weight – perfectly suitable for an implementation into robotics and axis systems more

Showa Single Use Nitrile Series Gloves

We engineer our gloves looking carefully at every single detail of worker and product protection more

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GFL Laboratory devices - Current Product Brochures

GFL Laboratory devices (Deep Freezers, Water Baths, Shaking Water Baths, Incubators, Shakers and Water Stills) are used in the medical, scientific and indus ... more

KCL Protective Gloves – Highest Protection for Your Staff Members

KCL is the innovator of a TüV approved protective glove concept and can recommend gloves for over 300.000 different dangerous substances. Please find our cu ... more

SHOWA Industrial Series Gloves

Beginning with the world’s first PVC and Disposable Nitrile gloves, we’ve always led the pack with better, safer ways for you to work with your hands more

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Moving Data: Across Systems, Technologies and Time

Data must be able to bypass systems and technologies easily and persist over time. The software Limsophy helps hereby more

IR Spectra Interpretation for laboratory and routine analysis

The irAnalyze software from LabCognition provides automatic IR frequency detection and functional group assignments for Infrared spectra based on more

RAMalyze - Reliable RAMAN Spectrum Interpretation in Practice

Interpret your RAMAN spectra and get professional results with just a few clicks. Retrieve reliable functional group assignments and browse more than more

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The newsletter keeps you informed about the current events in the fields of chemistry, analytics, laboratory and process technology with news, products, company profiles and technical information.
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04-05 – 10-05
Duesseldorf, DE

interpack 2017

Frankfurt am Main, DE

Science World 2017

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Visco Handbook

An important guide for capillary viscometry. Theoretical content, practical illustration more

Daily Visual Balance Check

The pharmaceutical industry and other businesses that manufacture fine chemicals and substances typically have very strictly regulated areas, for exam more

Gravimetric Sample Preparation

Compare gravimetric sample preparation with traditional volumetric methods. Reduce process variability and OOS results. more

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Smart Coatings – Smart, Functional, Responsive

Self-healing coating surfaces and tamper-evident security are two of the many benefits that your products can achieve by incorporating microencapsulation more

Try Our HPLC Columns Free of Charge for 30 Days

Shodex gives you the opportunity to test for free one or more of our analytical HPLC demo columns. The test period is 30 days more

Ensure Reliable Performance of Your Equipment

Calibration proves that the equipment runs within permitted tolerances and delivers reproducible measurements that lead to consistent product quality, incre ... more

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