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The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing

Adhesive and tensile strength of composite materials, multi-layer films and bonded parts are determined by the award-winning LUMiFrac without sample clamping more

New Water Baths by Dinkelberg Analytics for Laboratories

The original lab water baths by Dinkelberg analytics have been in use for decades in modern laboratories. The newly improved devices are, in addition to man ... more

A Revolutionary Vacuum Drying Philosophy

The minimum clearance between agitator profile and chamber walls not only prevents product buildups, but it also makes discharge significantly easier more

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New Water, Food and Environmental Analytics Catalog

It contains an assembly of products used in Environmental, Food, Beverage and Industrial applications in the customer workflow more

Analytical Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

The oil industry fuels the global economy by meeting the demand for petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemicals more

Solvents & Inorganics for Accurate, Brilliant Results

Analytical techniques such as Titration, Chromatography, and Spectroscopy are only as reliable as the quality of solvents and inorganics that you use more

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The new SigmaPlot 13: New Graph and Analysis Features

Systat Software has released SigmaPlot 12.5, the latest version of their most advanced scientific data analysis and graphing software package. This update p ... more

Professional planning and implementation of LIMS

IMCOR GmbH is a german consulting company located in Greater Stuttgart, offering specialized services in the area of LIMS (Laboratory information- and manag ... more

lisa.lims®: More Power for your lab

lisa is a laboratory information and management system with a modular structure that optimizes lab processes and supports management in organizing more

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The newsletter keeps you informed about the current events in the fields of chemistry, analytics, laboratory and process technology with news, products, company profiles and technical information.
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22-03 – 23-03
Birmingham, GB

Surface World Live 2017

04-04 – 06-04
Nuremberg, DE

European Coatings SHOW 2017

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The Unknown Sources of Error in the Weighing Process

Data integrity, quality and efficiency can be improved by eliminating potential error sources in the weighing process. more

Electrostatic Charges During Weighing

Static can cause unreliable weighing results. Effects can be minimized using innovative automatic static detection. more

Gravimetric Sample Preparation

Compare gravimetric sample preparation with traditional volumetric methods. Reduce process variability and OOS results. more

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Ensure reliable performance of your equipment

Calibration proves that the equipment runs within permitted tolerances and delivers reproducible measurements that lead to consistent product quality, incre ... more

Top Performance Applying Little Pressure: The Benefits of Low-Pressure Extrusion

Low-pressure extrusion allows temperature and pressure sensitive compounds to be converted into defined and stable product forms more

Custom Packaging Materials for Chemistry and Life Sciences

Innovative labelling solutions for chemical products, GHS compliant labels, Custom multipaged labels more

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