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Chemical 3D Imaging with Raman: ultrasensitive & fast, 200 nm resolution, up ...

WITec microscopes allow Confocal Raman Imaging for chemical 3D Imaging and Atomic Force Microscopy for high-resolution surface analysis on large s ... more

Toxic compounds in your lab air?

When filling a waste bottle or waste canister, volatile organic compounds are forced out of the vessel. Because it is a waste solution, often not much more

Save up to 90% of the cost of analytically pure acids

This unique subboiling apparatus is employed to produce high-purity acids for use in trace analysis. The acid is always fresh and is therefore more

More flexibility and diversity! - High Pressure Reactors, Customized Reactors and Test Autoclaves

We offer special test autoclaves to examine the aging behavior of a wide variety of materials when subjected to the influence of chemicals, temper ... more

Innovative system for microwave digestion

The new Berghof 'speedwave® four' microwave pressure digestion system makes laboratory work easier and safer. Thanks to the top loading concept more

inVia - the most flexible Raman microscope for research applications

High-resolution confocal measurements (both spectral and spatial) are enabled with the integration of research-grade optical microscopes. This ult ... more

Testing on Real Materials Gives New Insights into Surface Characteristics

SurPASS provides a new method for fully automated testing of the time and concentration dependences of adsorption processes on real material surfaces more

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