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High-Resolution Array ICP OES – high-performance elemental analysis

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 is an ICP OES spectrometer with high-resolution array technology for the elemental analysis of demanding samples. Building on ... more

The new Metrohm meter(s) – every inch «Metrohm»!

Metrohm presents the 912 Conductometer, the 913 pH Meter and the 914 pH/Conductometer, a new generation of meters for pH and conductivity measurem ... more

The Standard for Lab Charge Measurement: Mütek™ PCD-05 Particle Charge Detector

The Mütek PCD Particle Charge Detector is used for charge characterization and quality control from chemical additives in the laboratory to proces ... more

Determination of soil and food quality – easy and reliable

Users in agrarian analysis daily meet new challenges. Application-oriented solutions are the key to an effective way of working more

Open platform protocol automation for any lab and any budget

Automate pipetting routine processes like in PCR/qPCR, cell-based assays, NGS prep, ELISA prep, tip-based sample prep with the PIPETMAX®! more

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