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Flexible Modular Plant Systems for the Process Water and Wastewater Treatment

Modern technologies for water treatment are encapsulated into modules, which can be combined to match customer requirements more

Dispenser for Reactive Materials

To prevent chemical reactions, like curing or crystallizing, any presence of metal particles has been eliminated in the wetted and product contact ... more

Microwave Digestion at Its Best

Multiwave 7000 with its Pressurized Digestion Cavity reliably digests every kind of sample in disposable, Quartz or PTFE-TFM vials with plug-on caps. more

VANEOX Pressing Technology for Sample Preparation for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

VANEOX scores with simple operation as well as high flexibility in respect to widely varying sample types more

High Pressure Reactors, Parallel Reactors and Multi Reaction Systems in All Variations

Parr Instrument laboratory reactors from 25 ml to 20 l for moderate up to high pressure ranges. Made of stainless steel or ten other corrosion res ... more

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