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Digestion System for Elemental Analysis

This flexible system avoids aggressive acid vapors in your laboratory environment and reduces acid consumption during digestion more

Connect – Set Up – Done

The new RX-10 Reactor Control is connected by plug-and-play communication with common thermostats and agitators and automated jacketed reactors of ... more

Discover the New Benchmark for No-Compromise Temperature Control

Powerful bath thermostats for precise internal temperature control from -100 up to 250 °C. Efficient circulation thermostats for dynamic heating a ... more

Gel Permeation Chromatography for Ambient and High Temperature Polymer Analysis

EcoSEC® systems guarantee reproducible GPC results from ambient temperature analysis of biopolymers to high temperature analysis of engineering po ... more

Chromimage®Scanner (UV/Visible)

The Chromimage® Documentation scanner is a TLC-scanner equipped with a dual lamp - 254nm UV and visible - and driven by a digitizing software more

Temperature Control System for Fast, High-Precision Temperature Changes

The new PRESTO from JULABO represents the state-of-the-art for modern laboratories. The first models in this redesigned line of temperature-control more

Recirculating Chiller F500 – Compact and Economical

The recirculating chiller F500 is especially economic and requires little space. The reduction of facility costs enables a fast return of investment more

Recirculating Chillers by JULABO: Environment-Friendly and Economic

The FL line is a generation of chillers for routine cooling applications with a temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C in laboratories and industry more

Rapid and Efficient Ultra-Trace Element Analysis

S4 TStar is a new and unique TXRF spectrometer for rapid ultra-trace element analysis of various sample types including solutions, suspensions and ... more

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