New European Centre for Chirality for Advancements in Chiral Chemical Processes

27-Sep-2010 - Belgium

Ghent University, the University of Antwerp and BioTools Europe Ltd announced a new partnership to create the European Centre for chirality (EC2). EC2 is a unique blend of expertise and resources that brings together leading authorities dedicated to advancing the understanding the role chirality plays in biological processes. The EC2 mission is to help academic and industrial scientists develop a broad range of chirality related applications through offering services ranging from the Determination of absolute chiral configurations, Vibrational Optical Activity (VOA) measurements, computational modelling including expert consultancy, and education workshops to open access VOA instrumentation. Given the importance of chirality in e.g., drug discovery and development, the information obtained using these techniques can benefit productivity in drug discovery, diagnostics research, drug development and registration. The new Centre, based at Antwerp and Ghent, Belgium, will comprise a team of dedicated scientists, including some of the world’s most respected leaders in VOA, using an array of advanced analytical instrumentation and modelling software able to fulfil the demanding analysis such challenging applications require.

The Centre will open on December 2nd 2010, and to mark this occasion EC2 will hold a day-long scientific programme and show-case BioTools advanced instrumentation.

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