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Interleukin 14

Interleukin 14
Symbol TXNLA
Alt. Symbols HMW-BCGF, IL14
Entrez 3599
HUGO 5976
OMIM 608676
RefSeq NP_787048
UniProt L15344
Other data
Locus Chr. 1 p34.3

Interleukin-14 (IL-14) is a cytokine that is also called High molecular weight B-cell growth factor (HMW-BCGF) that controls the growth and proliferation of both normal and cancerous B cells.[1] This molecule was also recently designated taxilin.[2] IL-14 induces B-cell proliferation, inhibits antibody secretion, and expands selected B-cell subgroups. This interleukin is produced mainly by T cells and certain malignant B cells.

Two distinct transcripts are produced from opposite strands of the il14 gene that are called IL-14α and IL-14β.[3] The il14 locus is near the gene for LCK on chromosome 1 in humans.


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