Optical Particle Sizing System from 1nm - 400µm

The Top 3 Advantages

Measurement of particle sizes outside the expected distribution


ZETA potential measurement


nanoparticle measurement

Optical particle measurement for laboratory and process control

Common measurement methods consider a large number of particles and determine the mean value using mathematical functions. However, as soon as particles of a similar size are to be distinguished, these methods no longer work.

In many applications, like in polishing agents or in pharmaceutical products, even a few larger particles are harmful. A large particle in a polishing compound can damage the surface of the component. A particle that is too large, administered intravenously, can cause an embolism in a patient's bloodstream.

Such particles can be quantitatively detected with the AccuSizer from Entegris (formerly PSS) by absorbance measurement (between 150nm and 1500µm).

For particles down to 0.5nm, Entegris offers a measuring device that can measure in a size range from 0.5nm to 5µm.

The zeta potential is important for the production of emulsions. While the zeta potential measurement in other systems involves a great deal of effort, the Nicomp can be used to determine the zeta potential within a few seconds in addition to the particle size.

  • laser diffractometry

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