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Shodex™ HPLC-Columns 2016 - 2017

We are pleased to introduce Shodex new catalog to you. It covers a wide product range including RP, NP, GPC, GFC (SEC), IC, IEX, Chiral and Affini ... more

Solaris Biotechnology – Fermenters & Bioreactors from Laboratory to Production

Solaris provides high quality innovative equipments including fermenters, bioreactors, reactors, gas analysers, CIP - SIP systems and downstream e ... more

Special Offers for HPLC Laboratories: HPLC Columns and Accessories

In this HPLC brochure you get great discounts on all HPLC accessories: Columns, Safety Caps, Filters, Vials and much more more

Kromasil Guide: Useful Facts and Applications from Analytical to Preparative Chromatography

The Kromasil Guide offers users useful tips for chromatography, applications and product information from UHPLC to large purification scales more

The Catalogue for Process Equipment – SI Analytics

With this new catalogue we present to you our complete product range of process analytics equipment. Inside you will find our process electrodes, ... more

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