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Integrin, alpha 1
PDB rendering based on 1ck4.
Available structures: 1ck4, 1mhp, 1pt6, 1qc5, 1qcy, 2b2x
Symbol(s) ITGA1; CD49a; VLA1
External IDs OMIM: 192968 MGI: 96599 Homologene: 57137
Human Mouse
Entrez 3672 109700
Ensembl na ENSMUSG00000042284
Uniprot na Q05DI0
Refseq NM_181501 (mRNA)
NP_852478 (protein)
NM_001033228 (mRNA)
NP_001028400 (protein)
Location na Chr 13: 116.08 - 116.22 Mb
Pubmed search [1] [2]

CD49a is an integrin alpha subunit. It makes up half of the α1β1 integrin duplex.

This gene encodes the alpha 1 subunit of integrin receptors. This protein heterodimerizes with the beta 1 subunit to form a cell-surface receptor for collagen and laminin. The heterodimeric receptor is involved in cell-cell adhesion and may play a role in inflammation and fibrosis. The alpha 1 subunit contains an inserted (I) von Willebrand factor type I domain which is thought to be involved in collagen binding.[1]


  1. ^ Entrez Gene: ITGA1 integrin, alpha 1.

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