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Ohnesorge number

The Ohnesorge number, Oh , is a dimensionless number that relates the viscous and surface tension force.

It is defined as: Oh = \frac{ \mu}{ \sqrt{\rho \sigma L }}


  • μ is the liquid viscosity
  • ρ is the liquid density
  • σ is the surface tension
  • L is the characteristic length scale (typically- drop diameter)


The Ohnesorge number for a 3 mm diameter rain drop is typically ~0.002. Larger Ohnesorge numbers indicate a more influence of the viscosity .

This is often used to relate to free surface fluid dynamics such as dispersion of liquids in gases and in spray technology.[1] [2]


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See also

  • Laplace number - There is an inverse relationship, Oh = 1/\sqrt{La}, between the Laplace number and the Ohnesorge number. It is more historically correct to use the Ohnesorge number, but often mathematically neater to use the Laplace number.
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