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ATC code S01

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

S Sensory organs


S01A Anti-infectives

S01AA Antibiotics

S01AA01 Chloramphenicol
S01AA02 Chlortetracycline
S01AA03 Neomycin
S01AA04 Oxytetracycline
S01AA05 Tyrothricin
S01AA07 Framycetin
S01AA09 Tetracycline
S01AA10 Natamycin
S01AA11 Gentamicin
S01AA12 Tobramycin
S01AA13 Fusidic acid
S01AA14 Benzylpenicillin
S01AA15 Dihydrostreptomycin
S01AA16 Rifamycine
S01AA17 Erythromycin
S01AA18 Polymyxin B
S01AA19 Ampicillin
S01AA20 Antibiotics in combination with other drugs
S01AA21 Amikacin
S01AA22 Micronomicin
S01AA23 Netilmicin
S01AA24 Kanamycin
S01AA25 Azidamfenicol
S01AA30 Combinations of different antibiotics

S01AB Sulphonamides

S01AB01 Sulfamethizole
S01AB02 Sulfafurazole
S01AB03 Sulfadicramide
S01AB04 Sulfacetamide
S01AB05 Sulfafenazol

S01AD Antivirals

S01AD01 Idoxuridine
S01AD02 Trifluridine
S01AD03 Aciclovir
S01AD05 Interferon
S01AD06 Vidarabine
S01AD07 Famciclovir
S01AD08 Fomivirsen
S01AD09 Ganciclovir

S01AX Other anti-infectives

S01AX01 Mercury compounds
S01AX02 Silver compounds
S01AX03 Zinc compounds
S01AX04 Nitrofural
S01AX05 Bibrocathol
S01AX06 Resorcinol
S01AX07 Sodium borate
S01AX08 Hexamidine
S01AX09 Chlorhexidine
S01AX10 Sodium propionate
S01AX11 Ofloxacin
S01AX12 Norfloxacin
S01AX13 Ciprofloxacin
S01AX14 Dibrompropamidine
S01AX15 Propamidine
S01AX16 Picloxydine
S01AX17 Lomefloxacin
S01AX18 Povidone-iodine
S01AX19 Levofloxacin
S01AX21 Gatifloxacin

S01B Anti-inflammatory agents

S01BA Corticosteroids, plain

S01BA01 Dexamethasone
S01BA02 Hydrocortisone
S01BA03 Cortisone
S01BA04 Prednisolone
S01BA05 Triamcinolone
S01BA06 Betamethasone
S01BA07 Fluorometholone
S01BA08 Medrysone
S01BA09 Clobetasone
S01BA10 Alclometasone
S01BA11 Desonide
S01BA12 Formocortal
S01BA13 Rimexolone
S01BA14 Loteprednol

S01BB Corticosteroids and mydriatics in combination

S01BB01 Hydrocortisone and mydriatics
S01BB02 Prednisolone and mydriatics
S01BB03 Fluorometholone and mydriatics
S01BB04 Betamethasone and mydriatics

S01BC Anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroids

S01BC01 Indometacin
S01BC02 Oxyphenbutazone
S01BC03 Diclofenac
S01BC04 Flurbiprofen
S01BC05 Ketorolac
S01BC06 Piroxicam
S01BC07 Bendazac
S01BC08 Salicylic acid
S01BC09 Pranoprofen

S01C Anti-inflammatory agents and anti-infectives in combination

S01CA Corticosteroids and anti-infectives in combination

S01CA01 Dexamethasone and antiinfectives
S01CA02 Prednisolone and antiinfectives
S01CA03 Hydrocortisone and antiinfectives
S01CA04 Fluocortolone and antiinfectives
S01CA05 Betamethasone and antiinfectives
S01CA06 Fludrocortisone and antiinfectives
S01CA07 Fluorometholone and antiinfectives
S01CA08 Methylprednisolone and antiinfectives
S01CA09 Chloroprednisone and antiinfectives
S01CA10 Fluocinolone acetonide and antiinfectives
S01CA11 Clobetasone and antiinfectives

S01CB Corticosteroids/anti-infectives/mydriatics in combination

S01CB01 Dexamethasone
S01CB02 Prednisolone
S01CB03 Hydrocortisone
S01CB04 Betamethasone
S01CB05 Fluorometholone

S01CC Anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroids and anti-infectives in combination

S01CC01 Diclofenac and antiinfectives

S01E Antiglaucoma preparations and miotics

S01EA Sympathomimetics in glaucoma therapy

S01EA01 Epinephrine
S01EA02 Dipivefrine
S01EA03 Apraclonidine
S01EA04 Clonidine
S01EA05 Brimonidine
S01EA51 Epinephrine, combinations

S01EB Parasympathomimetics

S01EB01 Pilocarpine
S01EB02 Carbachol
S01EB03 Ecothiopate
S01EB04 Demecarium
S01EB05 Physostigmine
S01EB06 Neostigmine
S01EB07 Fluostigmine
S01EB08 Aceclidine
S01EB09 Acetylcholine
S01EB10 Paraoxon
S01EB51 Pilocarpine, combinations
S01EB58 Aceclidine, combinations

S01EC Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

S01EC01 Acetazolamide
S01EC02 Diclofenamide
S01EC03 Dorzolamide
S01EC04 Brinzolamide
S01EC05 Methazolamide

S01ED Beta blocking agents

S01ED01 Timolol
S01ED02 Betaxolol
S01ED03 Levobunolol
S01ED04 Metipranolol
S01ED05 Carteolol
S01ED06 Befunolol
S01ED51 Timolol, combinations
S01ED52 Betaxolol, combinations
S01ED54 Metipranolol, combinations

S01EE Prostaglandin analogues

S01EE01 Latanoprost
S01EE02 Unoprostone
S01EE03 Bimatoprost
S01EE04 Travoprost

S01EX Other antiglaucoma preparations

S01EX01 Guanethidine
S01EX02 Dapiprazole

S01F Mydriatics and cycloplegics

S01FA Anticholinergics

S01FA01 Atropine
S01FA02 Scopolamine
S01FA03 Methylscopolamine
S01FA04 Cyclopentolate
S01FA05 Homatropine
S01FA06 Tropicamide
S01FA56 Tropicamide, combinations

S01FB Sympathomimetics excluding antiglaucoma preparations

S01FB01 Phenylephrine
S01FB02 Ephedrine
S01FB03 Ibopamine

S01G Decongestants and antiallergics

S01GA Sympathomimetics used as decongestants

S01GA01 Naphazoline
S01GA02 Tetryzoline
S01GA03 Xylometazoline
S01GA04 Oxymetazoline
S01GA05 Phenylephrine
S01GA06 Oxedrine
S01GA51 Naphazoline, combinations
S01GA52 Tetryzoline, combinations
S01GA53 Xylometazoline, combinations
S01GA55 Phenylephrine, combinations
S01GA56 Oxedrine, combinations

S01GX Other antiallergics

S01GX01 Cromoglicic acid
S01GX02 Levocabastine
S01GX03 Spaglumic acid
S01GX04 Nedocromil
S01GX05 Lodoxamide
S01GX06 Emedastine
S01GX07 Azelastine
S01GX08 Ketotifen
S01GX09 Olopatadine
S01GX10 Epinastine
S01GX51 Cromoglicic acid, combinations

S01H Local anesthetics

S01HA Local anesthetics

S01HA01 Cocaine
S01HA02 Oxybuprocaine
S01HA03 Tetracaine
S01HA04 Proxymetacaine
S01HA05 Procaine
S01HA06 Cinchocaine
S01HA07 Lidocaine
S01HA30 Combinations

S01J Diagnostic agents

S01JA Colouring agents

S01JA01 Fluorescein
S01JA02 Rose bengal sodium
S01JA51 Fluorescein, combinations

S01JX Other ophthalmological diagnostic agents

S01K Surgical aids

S01KA Viscoelastic substances

S01KA01 Hyaluronic acid
S01KA02 Hypromellose
S01KA51 Hyaluronic acid, combinations

S01KX Other surgical aids

S01KX01 Chymotrypsin

S01X Other ophthalmologicals

S01XA Other ophthalmologicals

S01XA01 Guaiazulen
S01XA02 Retinol
S01XA03 Sodium chloride, hypertonic
S01XA04 Potassium iodide
S01XA05 Sodium edetate
S01XA06 Ethylmorphine
S01XA07 Alum
S01XA08 Acetylcysteine
S01XA09 Iodoheparinate
S01XA10 Inosine
S01XA11 Nandrolone
S01XA12 Dexpanthenol
S01XA13 Alteplase
S01XA14 Heparin
S01XA15 Ascorbic acid
S01XA16 Anecortave
S01XA17 Pegaptanib
S01XA20 Artificial tears and other indifferent preparations
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