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Dictionary of chemical formulas

This is a list of chemical compounds with chemical formulae and CAS numbers, indexed by formula. This complements alternative listings to be found at list of inorganic compounds, list of organic compounds and inorganic compounds by element.

Table of contents: A B C Ca-Cu D E F G H I K L M N O P R S T U V W X Y Z &

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Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
AgCl3Cu2 dicopper silver trichloride 69569-03-5
AgClO3 silver chlorate 7783-92-8
AgClO4 silver perchlorate 7783-93-9
AgF silver fluoride 7775-41-9
AgF2 silver difluoride 7775-41-9
AgI silver iodide 7783-96-2
AgIO3 silver iodate 7783-97-3
AgMnO4 silver permanganate 7783-98-4
AgN3 silver azide 13863-88-2
AgNO3 silver nitrate 7761-88-8
Ag2O silver oxide 1301-96-8
AgONC silver fulminate 5610-59-3
AgSNC silver thiocyanate 14104-20-2
Ag2C2 silver acetylide 7659-31-6
Ag2CO3 silver(I) carbonate 534-16-7
Ag2C2O4 silver oxalate 533-51-7
Ag2Cl2 silver(II) dichloride 75763-82-5
Ag2CrO4 silver chromate 7784-01-2
Ag2Cr2O7 silver dichromate 7784-02-3
Ag2F silver subfluoride 1302-01-8
Ag2MoO4 silver molybdate 13765-74-7
Ag2O silver(I) oxide 20667-12-3
Ag2S silver sulfide 21548-73-2
Ag2SO4 silver sulfate 10294-26-5
Ag2SeO3 silver selenite 7784-05-6
Ag2SeO4 silver selenate 7784-07-8
Ag2Te silver(I) telluride 12002-99-2
Ag3Br2 silver dibromide 11078-32-3
Ag3Br3 silver tribromide 11078-33-4
Ag3Cl3 silver(III) trichloride 12444-96-1
Ag3I3 silver(III) triiodide 37375-12-5
Ag3PO4 silver phosphate 7784-09-0
AlBO aluminium boron oxide 12041-48-4
AlBO2 aluminium borate 61279-70-7
AlBr aluminium monobromide 22359-97-3
AlBr3 aluminium tribromide 7727-15-3
AlCl aluminium monochloride 13595-81-8
AlClF aluminium chloride fluoride 22395-91-1
AlClF2 aluminium chloride fluoride 13814-65-8
AlClO aluminium chloride oxide 13596-11-7
AlCl2 aluminium chloride 16603-84-2
AlCl2F aluminium chloride fluoride 13497-96-6
AlCl3 aluminium trichloride 7446-70-0
AlCl4Cs aluminium caesium tetrachloride 17992-03-9
AlCl4K potassium tetrachloroaluminate 13821-13-1
AlCl4Na sodium tetrachloroaluminate 7784-16-9
AlCl4Rb aluminium rubidium tetrachloride 17992-02-8
AlCl6K3 potassium hexachloroaluminate 13782-08-6
AlCl6Na3 sodium hexachloroaluminate 60172-46-5
AlF aluminium monofluoride 13595-82-9
AlFO aluminium monofluoride monoxide 13596-12-8
AlF2 aluminium difluoride 13569-23-8
AlF2O aluminium difluoride oxide 38344-66-0
AlF3 aluminium trifluoride 7784-18-1
AlF4K potassium tetrafluoroaluminate 14484-69-6
AlF4Li lithium tetrafluoroaluminate 15138-76-8
AlF6K3 potassium hexafluoraluminate 13775-52-5
AlF6Li3 lithium hexafluoroaluminate 13821-20-0
AlF6Na3 cryolite 15096-52-3
AlGaInP aluminium-gallium-indium phosphide
Al(OH)3 aluminium hydroxide 21645-51-2
AlI aluminium monoiodide 29977-41-1
AlI3 aluminum triiodide 7784-23-8
AlLiO2 lithium aluminate 12003-67-7
AlN aluminium nitride 24304-00-5
Al(NO3)3 aluminium nitrate 13473-90-0
AlNaO2 sodium aluminate 1302-42-7
AlO aluminium monoxide 14457-64-8
AlOSi aluminium silicon monoxide 37361-47-0
AlO2 aluminium oxide 11092-32-3
AlP aluminium monophosphide 20859-73-8
Al2S3 aluminium sulfide 12251-90-0
AlTe aluminium monotelluride 23330-86-1
AlTe2 monoaluminium ditelluride 39297-18-2
Al2BeO4 beryllium aluminium oxide 12004-06-7
Al2Br6 dialuminium hexabromide 18898-34-5
Al2Cl9K3 potassium aluminium chloride 74978-20-4
Al2CoO4 cobalt blue 1333-88-6
Al2F6 aluminium fluoride 17949-86-9
Al2I6 aluminium iodide 18898-35-6
Al2MgO4 magnesium aluminium oxide 12068-51-8
Al2O dialuminium monoxide 12004-36-3
Al2O2 dialuminium dioxide 12252-63-0
Al2O3 aluminium oxide 1344-28-1
Al2O5Si aluminium silicate 1302-76-7
Al2O5Si aluminium silicate 12141-46-7
Al2O5Si andalusite 12183-80-1
Al2O7Si2 aluminium silicate 1332-58-7
Al2S dialuminium monosulfide 12004-45-4
Al2S3 aluminium sulfide 1302-81-4
Al2Se dialuminium selenide 12598-14-0
Al2Te dialuminium telluride 12598-16-2
Al3F14Na5 chiolite 1302-84-7
Al6BeO10 beryllium aluminium oxide 12253-74-6
Al6O13Si2 mullite 1302-93-8
ArClF argon chloride fluoride 53169-15-6
ArClH argon chloride hydride 163731-17-7
ArFH argon fluoride hydride 163731-16-6
AsBrO arsenic oxybromide 82868-10-8
AsBr3 arsenic tribromide 7784-33-0
AsClO arsenic monoxide monochloride 14525-25-8
AsCl3 arsenic trichloride 7784-34-1
AsCl3O arsenic oxychloride 60646-36-8
AsCl4F arsenic tetrachloride fluoride 87198-15-0
AsF3 arsenic trifluoride 7784-35-2
AsF5 arsenic pentafluoride 7784-36-3
AsH3 arsine 7784-42-1
AsI3 arsenic triiodide 7784-45-4
AsO arsenic monoxide 12005-99-1
AsO2 arsenic dioxide 12255-12-8
AsP arsenic monophosphide 12255-33-3
AsP3 arsenic triphosphide 12511-95-4
AsTl thallium arsenide 12006-09-6
As2I4 arsenic diiodide 13770-56-4
As2O3 arsenic trioxide 1327-53-3
As2P2 arsenic diphosphide 12512-03-7
As2O5 arsenic pentaoxide 1303-28-2
As2S4 arsenic tetrasulfide 1303-32-8
As2S5 arsenic pentasulfide 1303-34-0
As2Se arsenic hemiselenide 1303-35-1
As2Se3 arsenic triselenide 1303-36-2
As2Se5 arsenic pentaselenide 1303-37-3
As3O4 arsenic tetraoxide 83527-53-1
As3P arsenic(III) phosphide 12512-11-7
As4O3 tetraarsenic trioxide 83527-54-2
As4O5 tetraarsenic pentaoxide 83527-55-3
As4S3 tetraarsenic trisulfide 12512-13-9
As4S4 tetraarsenic tetrasulfide 12279-90-2
AuBO gold monoboride monoxide 12588-90-8
AuBr gold bromide 10294-27-6
AuBr3 gold tribromide 10294-28-7
AuCN gold cyanide 506-65-0
AuCl gold chloride 10294-29-8
AuCl3 gold trichloride 13453-07-1
AuF3 gold trifluoride 14270-21-9
AuI gold iodide 10294-31-2
AuI3 gold(III) iodide 31032-13-0
Au(OH)3 gold hydroxide 1303-52-2
AuTe gold telluride 37043-71-3
Au2O3 gold trioxide 1303-58-8
Au2S gold sulfide 1303-60-2
Au2S3 gold trisulfide 1303-61-3
Au2(SeO4)3 gold triselenate 10294-32-3
Au2Se3 gold triselenide 1303-62-4


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
BAs boron arsenide 12005-69-5
BAsO4 boron(III) arsenate
BBr3 boron tribromide 10294-33-4
BCl3 boron trichloride 10294-34-5
BF3 boron trifluoride 7637-07-2
BI3 boron iodide 13517-10-7
BN boron nitride 10043-11-5
B(OH)3 boric acid 10043-35-3
BP boron(III) phosphide 20205-91-8
BPO4 boron(III) orthophosphate 13308-51-5
B2Cl4 boron chloride 13701-67-2
B2F4 boron fluoride 13965-73-6
B2H6 boron hydride 19287-45-7
B2O3 boron(III) oxide 1303-86-2
B2S3 boron sulfide 12007-33-9
B3N3H6 borazine 6569-51-3
B4C boron carbide 12069-32-8
Ba(AlO2)2 barium aluminate 12004-04-5
Ba(AsO3)2 barium arsenite 125687-68-5
Ba(AsO4)2 barium arsenate 56997-31-0
BaB6 barium hexaboride 12046-08-1
Ba(BrO3)2·H2O barium bromate - monohydrate 10326-26-8
Ba(BrO3)2·2H2O barium bromate - dihydrate
BaBr2 barium bromide 10553-31-8
Ba(CHO2)2 barium formate 541-43-5
Ba(CN)2 barium cyanide 524-62-1
Ba(C2H3O2)2 barium acetate 543-80-6
BaC2O4 barium oxalate 516-02-9
BaC4 barium carbide 50813-65-5
BaCO3 barium carbonate
Ba(ClO4)2 barium perchlorate 13465-95-7
BaCl2 barium chloride 10361-37-2
BaCrO4 barium chromate
barium chromate(VI)
BaF2 barium fluoride 7787-32-8
BaFeSi4O10 gillespite
BaHgI4 barium tetraiodomercurate(II) 10048-99-4
BaI2 barium iodide 13718-50-8
BaK2(CrO4)2 barium potassium chromate 27133-66-0
BaMnO4 barium manganate 7787-35-1
Ba(MnO4)2 barium permanganate 7787-36-2
BaMoO4 barium molybdate 7787-37-3
BaN6 barium azide 18810-58-7
Ba(NO2)2 barium nitrite 13465-94-6
Ba(NO3)2 barium nitrate 10022-31-8
Ba(NbO3)2 barium niobate 12009-14-2
BaNb2O6 barium metaniobate 12009-14-2
BaO barium oxide 1304-28-5
Ba(OH)2 barium hydroxide
BaO2 barium dioxide 1304-29-6
Ba(PO3)2 barium metaphosphate 13466-20-1
BaS barium sulfide 21109-95-5
Ba(SCN)2 barium thiocyanate 2092-17-3
BaS2O3 barium thiosulfate 35112-53-9
BaSiF6 barium hexafluorosilicate 17125-80-3
BaSO3 barium sulfite 7787-39-5
BaSO4 barium sulfate
BaSe barium selenide 1304-39-8
BaSeO3 barium selenite 13718-59-7
BaSeO4 barium selenate 7787-41-9
BaSiO3 barium metasilicate 13255-26-0
BaSi2 barium silicide 1304-40-1
BaSi2O5 barium disilicate 12650-28-1
BaSn3 barium stannate 12009-18-6
BaTeO3 barium tellurite 58440-17-8
BaTeO4·3H2O barium tellurate - trihydrate 28557-54-2
BaTiO3 barium titanate
barium metatitanate
BaU2O7 barium uranium oxide 10380-31-1
BaWO4 barium tungstate 7787-42-0
BaZrO3 barium zirconate 12009-21-1
Ba2Na(NbO3)5 barium sodium niobate 12323-03-4
Ba2P2O7 barium pyrophosphate 13466-21-2
Ba2V2O7 barium pyrovanadate
Ba2XeO6 barium perxenate
Ba3(CrO4)2 barium chromate(V) 12345-14-1
Ba3N2 barium nitride 12047-79-9
Ba3(PO4)2 barium orthophosphate
Ba3(VO4)2 barium orthovandate 39416-30-3
BeB2 beryllium boride 12228-40-9
Be(BH4)2 beryllium borohydride 17440-85-6
BeBr2 beryllium bromide 7787-46-4
Be(CHO2)2 beryllium formate 1111-71-3
Be(C2H3O2)2 beryllium acetate 543-81-7
Be(C5H7O2)2 beryllium acetylacetonate 10210-64-7
BeCl2 beryllium chloride 7787-47-5
BeF2 beryllium fluoride 7787-49-7
BeI2 beryllium iodide 7787-53-3
BeO beryllium oxide
Be(OH)2 beryllium hydroxide 13327-32-7
BeS beryllium sulfide 13598-22-6
BeSO4 beryllium sulfate 13510-49-1
Be2C beryllium carbide 506-66-1
Be3N2 beryllium nitride 1304-54-7
BiBO3 bismuth(III) orthoborate
BiBr3 bismuth(III) bromide 7787-58-8
Bi(C2H3O2)3 bismuth(III) acetate 22306-37-2
BiC6H5O7 bismuth(III) citrate 813-93-4
BiCl3 bismuth(III) chloride 7787-60-2
BiF3 bismuth(III) fluoride 7787-61-3
BiI3 bismuth(III) iodide 7787-64-6
Bi(NO3)3·5H2O bismuth(III) nitrate - pentahydrate 10035-06-0
BiOCl bismuth(III) oxychloride 7787-59-9
BiOI bismuth(III) oxyiodide 7787-63-5
(BiO)2CO3 bismuth oxycarbonate 5892-10-4
BiPO4 bismuth(III) orthophosphate 10049-01-1
Bi(VO3)5 bismuth(III) metavanadate
Bi2Se3 bismuth(III) selenide
bismuth selenide
Bi2(MoO4)3 bismuth(III) molybdate 13565-96-3
Bi2O3 bismuth(III) oxide 1304-76-3
Bi2S3 bismuth(III) sulfide
Bi2Se3 bismuth(III) selenide 12068-69-8
BrCl bromine chloride 13863-41-7
BrO3 bromate ion 15541-45-4
Br2 bromine 7726-95-6


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
CCl2F2 dichlorodifluoromethane
CCl4 carbon tetrachloride
CFCl3 freon-11 75-69-4
CFCl2CF2Cl freon-13
CHCl3 chloroform
methyl trichloride
CHO2 formate ion
CH2CHCHCH2 1,3-butadiene 106-99-0
CH2CO ketene
CH2ClCOOH chloroacetic acid
CH2Cl2 dichloromethane 75-09-2
CH2O formaldehyde 19710-56-6
CH2OHCH2OH ethylene glycol
CH3CCH propyne
CH3CHCHCH3 2-butene
CH3CHCH2 propene
CH3CHO acetaldehyde
CH3CH2Br bromoethane
CH3CH2CH2CH2OH butan-1-ol
CH3CH2CH2OH 1-propanol
CH3CH2CONH2 propanamide
CH3CH2COOH propionic acid
CH3CH2OCH2CH3 diethyl ether
CH3CH2OH ethanol
CH3(CH2)16COOH stearic acid
CH3COCH3 acetone
CH3COCl acetyl chloride
CH3CONH2 acetamide
CH3COO acetate ion
CH3COOCHCH2 vinyl acetate
CH3COOCH2C6H5 benzyl acetate
CH3COO(CH2)2CH(CH3)2 isoamyl acetate
CH3COOH acetic acid
ethanoic acid
CH3Cl chloromethane
methyl chloride
CH3I iodomethane
methyl iodide
CH3OCH3 dimethyl ether
CH3OH methanol
CH3SCH3 dimethyl sulfide
CH3SH methanethiol
(CH3)2CHOH isopropyl alcohol
(CH3)2CO acetone
(CH3)2C2O4 dimethyl oxalate
(CH3)2NNH2 dimethyl hydrazine
(CH3)2S+CH2CH2COO dimethylsulfoniopropionate
(CH3)3CCl t-butyl chloride
(CH3)3COH t-butyl alcohol
(CH3)3COOC(CH3)3 di-t-butyl peroxide
CH4 methane
natural gas
CN cyanide ion
C(NH2)3NO3 guanidine nitrate
CNO cyanate ion
CO carbon monoxide 630-08-0
COCl2 phosgene 75-44-5
CO2 carbon dioxide 124-38-9
CO32− carbonate ion
CS2 carbon disulfide 75-15-0
C2F4 tetrafluoroethylene 116-14-3
C2H2 acetylene 74-86-2
C2H3Cl vinyl chloride 75-01-4
C2H3O2 acetate ion
C2H4 ethylene 74-85-1
C2H4Cl2 ethylene dichloride 107-06-2
C2H4O2 acetic acid 64-19-7
C2H5Br bromoethane 74-96-4
C2H5NH2 ethylamine
C2H5NO2 glycine
C2H5O ethoxide ion
C2H5OH ethanol
ethyl alcohol
(C2H5)2NH diethylamine
C2H6 ethane 74-84-0
C2H6OS dimethyl sulfoxide
C2O42− oxalate ion
C3H3O4 malonate ion
C3H5(NO3)3 nitroglycerine
C3H6 cyclopropane 75-19-4
propylene 115-07-1
C3H7NO2 alanine
C3H7NO2S cysteine
C3H7NO3 serine
C3H8 propane 74-98-6
C3H8O propanol
2-propanol 67-63-0
C3N3(OH)3 cyanuric acid
C3N12 cyanuric triazide 5637-83-2
C4H7BrO2 2-bromobutyric acid 80-58-0
4-bromobutyric acid 2623-87-2
α-bromoisobutyric acid 2052-01-9
ethyl bromoacetate 105-36-2
C4H7NO4 aspartic acid
C4H8 cyclobutane 287-23-0
C4H8N2O3 asparagine
C4H8O tetrahydrofuran
C4H9NO3 threonine
C4H9OH butyl alcohol
C4H10 butane 106-97-8
2-methylpropane 75-28-5
C4H10O diethyl ether 60-29-7
C5H4NCOOH niacin
C5H5 cyclopentadienyl anion
C5H5N pyridine 110-86-1
C5H9NO2 proline
C5H9NO4 glutamic acid
C5H10 cyclopentane 287-92-3
C5H10N2O3 glutamine
C5H10O4 deoxyribose 533-67-5
C5H11NO2 valine
C5H11NO2S methionine
C5H12 pentane 109-66-0
C6F5COOH pentafluorobenzoic acid
C6H4O2 orthobenzoquinone 583-63-1
C6H5CHO benzaldehyde
C6H5CH2OH benzyl alcohol
C6H5COCl benzoyl chloride
C6H5COO benzoate ion
C6H5COOH benzoic acid 65-85-0
C6H5F fluorobenzene 462-06-6
C6H5OH phenol
C6H5O73− citrate ion
(C6H5)4Ge tetraphenylgermane
C6H6 benzene 71-43-2
catechol 120-80-9
hydroquinone 123-31-9
resorcinol 108-46-3
C6H8O7 citric acid 77-92-9
C6H9N3O2 histidine
C6H10O3 4-acetylbutyric acid 3128-06-1
butyl glyoxylate 6295-06-3
ethyl acetoacetate 141-97-9
2-hydroxypropyl acrylate 25584-83-2
pantolactone 599-04-2
propyl pyruvate
C6H12 cyclohexane 110-82-7
C6H12O6 fructose 7660-25-5
glucose 50-99-7
C6H13NO N-ethylmorpholine 1119-29-5
C6H13NO2 isoleucine
C6H14 hexane 110-54-3
C6H14N2O2 lysine
C6H14N4O2 arginine
C7H8 toluene 108-88-3
C7H16 heptane 142-82-5
C8H8 cubane 277-10-1
C8H9NO2 acetaminophen 103-90-2
C8H18 octane 111-65-9
C9H8O4 acetylsalicylic acid
C9H11NO2 phenylalanine
C9H11NO3 tyrosine
C9H20 nonane 111-84-2
C10H8 naphthalene 91-20-3
C10H15ON ephedrine 56370-30-0
C10H16O camphor 76-22-2
C10H22 decane 124-18-5
C11H12N2O2 tryptophan
C11H24 undecane 1120-21-4
C12H10 biphenyl 92-52-4
C12H22O11 maltose 69-79-4
sucrose 57-50-1
C12H26 dodecane 112-40-3
C13H10O benzophenone 119-61-9
C13H12O β-ionone 2484-16-4
C13H28 tridecane 629-50-5
C14H10 anthracene 120-12-7
C14H18N2O5 aspartame 81-14-1
C14H30 tetradecane 629-59-4
C15H32 pentadecane 629-62-9
C16H34 hexadecane 544-76-3
C17H36 heptadecane 629-78-7
C18H32O2 linoleic acid 60-33-3
C18H36O2 stearic acid 57-11-4
C18H38 octadecane 593-45-3
C19H40 nonadecane 629-92-5
C20H24O2N2 quinine 130-95-0
C20H42 eicosane 112-95-8
C21H36N7O16P3S Coenzyme A 31416-98-5
C164H256Na2O68S2 maitotoxin 59392-53-9
Cl2O8 Chlorine octaoxide


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
CaB6 calcium boride 12007-99-7
CaBr2 calcium bromide 7789-41-5
CaCN2 calcium cyanamide 156-62-7
Ca(CN)2 calcium cyanide 592-01-8
CaCO3 calcium carbonate
spent lime
CaC2 calcium carbide 75-20-7
Ca(CHO2)2 calcium formate 544-17-2
Ca(C2H3O2)2 calcium acetate 62-54-4
CaC2O4 calcium oxalate 563-72-4
CaCl2 calcium chloride 10043-52-4
Ca(ClO3)2 calcium chlorate 10137-74-3
Ca(ClO4)2 calcium perchlorate 13477-36-6
CaF2 calcium fluoride
CaH2 calcium hydride 7789-78-8
Ca(H2PO2)2 calcium hypophosphite 7789-79-9
CaI2 calcium iodide 10102-68-8
Ca(IO3)2 calcium iodate 7789-80-2
CaMoO4 calcium molybdate 7789-82-4
Ca(NO2)2 calcium nitrite 13780-06-8
Ca(NO3)2 calcium nitrate 10124-37-5
Ca(NO3)2 · 4H2O Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate 13477-34-4
Ca(NbO3)2 calcium metaniobate
CaO quicklime
calcium oxide
burnt lime
Ca(OCl)2 calcium hypochlorite
Ca(OH)2 calcium hydroxide
slaked lime
CaO2 calcium peroxide 1305-79-9
CaS calcium sulfide
hepar calcies
sulfurated lime
CaSO4 calcium sulfate
whiskers crystal
CaSO4 · 0.5H2O plaster of paris
calcium sulfate hemihydrate
CaSe calcium selenide 1305-84-6
CaSeO3 calcium selenite
CaSeO4 calcium selenate
CaSiO3 calcium metasilicate
CaTe calcium telluride 12013-57-9
CaTeO3 calcium tellurite
CaTeO4 calcium tellurate
CaTiO3 calcium titanate 12049-50-2
Ca(VO3)2 calcium metavanadate
Ca(VO4)2 calcium orthovanadate
CaWO4 calcium tungstate 7790-75-2
Ca3N2 calcium nitride 12013-82-0
Ca3P2 calcium phosphide 1305-99-3
CdBr2 cadmium bromide 7789-42-6
Cd(CN)2 cadmium cyanide 542-83-6
CdCO3 cadmium carbonate 513-78-0
Cd(C2H3O2)2 cadmium acetate 543-90-8
CdC2O4 cadmium oxalate 814-88-0
CdCl2 cadmium chloride 10108-64-2
CdCrO4 cadmium chromate 14312-00-6
CdF2 cadmium fluoride 7790-79-6
CdI2 cadmium iodide 7790-80-9
Cd(IO3)2 cadmium iodate 7790-81-0
CdMoO4 cadmium molybdate 13972-68-4
Cd(NO3)2 cadmium nitrate 10325-94-7
Cd(N3)2 cadmium azide 14215-29-3
CdO cadmium oxide 1306-19-0
Cd(OH)2 cadmium hydroxide 21041-95-2
CdS cadmium sulfide
CdSO3 cadmium sulfite
CdSO4 cadmium sulfate 10124-36-4
CdSb cadmium antimonide 12014-29-8
CdSe cadmium selenide
CdSeO3 cadmium selenite
CdSiO3 cadmium metasilicate 13477-19-5
Cd(TaO3)2 cadmium metatantalate
CdTe cadmium telluride 1306-25-8
CdTeO4 cadmium tellurate
CdTiO3 cadmium titanate 12104-14-1
CdWO4 cadmium tungstate 7790-85-4
CdZrO3 cadmium metazirconate
Cd2Nb2O7 cadmium niobate 12187-14-3
Cd3As2 cadmium arsenide 12006-15-4
Cd3P2 cadmium phopshide 1214-28-7
Cd3(PO4)2 cadmium phosphate
CeB6 cerium boride 12008-02-5
CeBr3 cerium(III) bromide 14457-87-5
CeC cerium carbide 12012-32-7
CeCl3 cerium(III) chloride 7790-86-5
CeF3 cerium(III) fluoride 7758-88-5
CeF4 cerium(IV) fluoride 7758-88-5
CeI2 cerium(II) iodide 19139-47-0
CeI3 cerium(III) iodide 7790-87-6
CeN cerium nitride 25764-08-3
CeO2 cerium(IV) oxide
CeS cerium(II) sulfide 12014-82-3
Ce(SO4)2 cerium(IV) sulfate
CeSi2 cerium silicide 12014-85-6
Ce2C3 cerium(III) carbide 12115-63-8
Ce2O3 cerium(III) oxide 1345-13-7
Ce2S3 cerium(III) sulfide 12014-93-6
ClF chlorine fluoride 7790-89-8
ClF3 chlorine trifluoride 7790-91-2
ClF5 chlorine pentafluoride 13637-63-3
ClOClO3 chlorine perchlorate 27218-16-2
ClO2 chlorine dioxide 10049-04-4
ClO3F chlorine trioxide fluoride 7616-94-6
Cl2 chlorine 7782-50-5
Cl2O3 chlorine trioxide 17496-59-2
Cl2O6 chlorine hexoxide 12442-63-6
Cl2O7 chlorine heptoxide 10294-48-1
CoAl2O4 cobalt(II) aluminate 13820-62-7
CoAs cobalt arsenide 27016-73-5
CoAs2 cobalt(II) arsenide 12044-42-7
CoB cobalt(II) boride 12006-77-8
CoBr2 cobalt(II) bromide 7789-43-7
Co(CN)2 cobalt(II) cyanide 542-84-7
Co(C2H3O2)2 cobalt(II) acetate 71-48-7
Co(C2H3O2)3 cobalt(III) acetate 917-69-1
CoC2O4 cobalt(II) oxalate 814-89-1
Co(ClO4)2 cobalt(II) perchlorate 13455-31-7
CoCl2 cobalt(II) chloride 7646-79-9
CoCrO4 cobalt(II) chromate 24613-38-5
CoCr2O4 cobalt(II) chromite 13455-25-9
CoF2 cobalt(II) fluoride 10026-17-2
CoF3 cobalt(III) fluoride 10026-18-3
Co(IO3)2 cobalt(II) iodate 13455-28-2
CoI2 cobalt(II) iodide 15238-00-3
CoMoO4 cobalt(II) molybdate 13762-14-6
Co(NO3)2 cobalt(II) nitrate 10141-05-6
Co(NO3)3 cobalt(III) nitrate 15520-84-0
CoO cobalt(II) oxide 1307-96-6
Co(OH)2 cobalt(II) hydroxide 21041-93-0
Co(OH)3 cobalt(III) hydroxide 1307-86-4
CoS cobalt(II) sulfide 1317-42-6
CoS2 cobalt disulfide 12013-10-4
CoSb cobalt antimonide 12052-42-5
CoSe cobalt(II) selenide 1307-99-9
CoSeO3 cobalt(II) selenite
CoTe cobalt(II) telluride 12017-13-9
CoTiO3 cobalt(II) titanate 12017-01-5
CoWO4 cobalt(II) tungstate 12640-47-0
Co2B cobalt boride 12045-01-1
Co2SO4 cobalt(II) sulfate 10124-43-3
Co2S3 cobalt(III) sulfide 1332-71-4
Co2SiO4 cobalt(II) orthosilicate 12017-08-2
Co2SnO4 cobalt(II) stannate 12139-93-4
Co2TiO4 cobalt(II) titanite 12017-38-8
Co3(Fe(CN)6)2 cobalt(II) ferricyanide 14049-81-1
CrBr2 chromium(II) bromide 10049-25-9
CrBr3 chromium(III) bromide 10031-25-1
CrCl2 chromium(II) chloride 10049-05-5
CrCl3 chromium(III) chloride 10025-73-7
CrCl4 chromium(IV) chloride 15597-88-3
CrF2 chromium(II) fluoride 10049-10-2
CrF3 chromium(III) fluoride 7788-97-8
CrF4 chromium(IV) fluoride 10049-11-3
CrF5 chromium(V) fluoride 13843-28-2
CrF6 chromium(VI) fluoride 13843-28-2
CrI2 chromium(II) iodide 13478-28-9
CrI3 chromium(III) iodide 13569-75-0
Cr(NO3)3 chromium(III) nitrate 13548-38-4
CrO2 chromium(IV) oxide 12018-01-8
CrO3 chromium(VI) oxide 1333-82-0
CrO42− chromate ion
CrO2Cl2 chromium(VI) oxychloride 14977-61-8
CrPO4 chromium(III) phosphate 7789-04-0
CrSb chromium antimonide 12053-12-2
CrVO4 chromium(III) orthovanadate
Cr2O3 chromium(III) oxide
Cr2(SO4)3 chromium(III) sulfate 10101-53-8
Cr2S3 chromium(III) sulfide 12018-22-3
Cr2Se3 chromium(III) selenide
Cr2(TeO4)3 chromium(III) tellurate
Cr2Te3 chromium(III) telluride 12053-39-3
Cr3As2 chromium(II) arsenide
Cr3C2 chromium(II) carbide 12012-35-0
Cr3Sb2 chromium(II) antimonide
Cr3Si2 chromium(II) silicide
CsBO2 caesium borate 92141-86-1
CsBr caesium bromide 7787-69-1
CsBrO3 caesium bromate 13454-75-6
CsBr3 caesium tribromide
CsCN caesium cyanide 21159-32-0
CsC2H3O2 caesium acetate 3396-11-0
CsCl caesium chloride 7647-17-8
CsClO3 caesium chlorate 13763-67-2
CsClO4 caesium perchlorate 13454-84-7
CsF caesium fluoride 13400-13-0
CsI caesium iodide 7789-17-5
CsI3 caesium triiodide
CsNH2 caesium amide 22205-57-8
CsNO3 caesium nitrate 7789-18-6
CsN3 caesium azide 22750-57-8
CsNbO3 caesium metaniobate
CsOH caesium hydroxide 21351-79-1
CsO2 caesium superoxide 12018-61-0
Cs2S caesium sulfide 12214-16-3
CsSCN caesium thiocyanate
CsSeO4 caesium selenate
CsTaO3 caesium metatantalate
Cs2CO3 caesium carbonate 29703-01-3
Cs2C2O4 caesium oxalate
Cs2CrO4 caesium chromate
Cs2Cr2O7 caesium dichromate
Cs2HPO4 caesium hydrogen orthophosphate
Cs2MoO4 caesium molybdate 13597-64-3
Cs2O caesium oxide 20281-00-9
Cs2SO3 caesium sulfite
Cs2SO4 caesium sulfate 10294-54-9
Cs2SiO3 caesium metasilicate
Cs2TeO4 caesium tellurate
Cs2TiO3 caesium titanate
caesium metatitanate
Cs2WO4 caesium orthotungstate
Cs3PO4 caesium orthophosphate
Cs3VO4 caesium orthovanadate
CuBr copper(I) bromide 7787-70-4
Cu(BrO3)2 · 6H2O copper(II) bromate - hexahydrate
CuBr2 copper(II) bromide
CuC2O4 copper oxalate
CuCl copper(I) chloride 7758-89-6
Cu(ClO3)2 · 6H2O copper(II) chlorate - hexahydrate
CuCl2 copper(II) chloride 7447-39-4
CuFeS2 copper iron sulfide
CuFe2O4 copper(II) iron(II) oxide
CuFe2S3 copper iron sulfide
[Cu(H2O)4]SO4 · H2O blue vitriol
CuI copper(I) iodide 7681-65-4
CuIO3 copper(I) iodate
Cu(IO3)2 copper(II) iodate
CuMoO4 copper(II) orthomolybdate
Cu(NO3)2 copper(II) nitrate
Cu(NO3)2 · 3H2O copper(II) nitrate - trihydrate
Cu(NbO3)2 copper(II) orthoniobate
CuO copper(II) oxide 1317-38-0
Cu(OH)2 copper(II) hydroxide
CuS copper(II) sulfide
CuSCN copper(I) thiocyanate
CuSO4 copper(II) sulfate 7758-98-7
CuSO4 · 5H2O copper(II) sulfate - pentahydrate
CuSe copper(II) selenide
CuSeO3 · 2H2O copper(II) selenite - dihydrate
CuSeO4 · 5H2O copper(II) selenate - pentahydride
CuSiO3 copper(II) metasilicate
CuTe copper(II) telluride
CuTeO3 copper(II) tellurite
CuTiO3 copper(II) metatitanate
Cu(VO3)2 copper(II) metavanadate
CuWO4 copper(II) orthotungstate
Cu2CO3(OH)2 malachite
Cu2S copper(I) sulfide
Cu2Se copper(I) selenide
Cu2Te copper(I) telluride
Cu3As copper(I) arsenide
Cu3P copper(I) phosphide
Cu3(PO4)2 copper(II) phosphate
Cu3Sb copper(III) antimonide
Cu9S5 copper sulfide


Chemical formula Synonyms
DBr deuterium bromide DI deuterium iodide
DLi lithium deuteride
DNa sodium deuteride - D2O deuterium oxide
heavy water
D3O trideuterium oxide - DyBr3 dysprosium(III) bromide
DyCl2 dysprosium(II) chloride - DyCl3 dysprosium(III) chloride - |- DySi2 dysprosium(II) silicide - Dy2O3 dysprosium(III) oxide Dy2S3 dysprosium(III) sulfide


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
ErF erbium monofluoride 16087-67-5
ErF2 erbium difluoride 16087-65-3
ErF3 erbium trifluoride 13760-83-3
ErI3 erbium triiodide 13813-42-8
ErI4Na erbium sodium tetraiodide 129863-13-4
ErO erbium monoxide 12280-61-4
EuF europium monofluoride 17209-60-8
EuF3 europium trifluoride 13765-25-8
EuI2 europium diiodide 22015-35-6
EuNbO2 europium niobium dioxide 107069-78-3
EuNb2O6 europium diniobium hexaoxide 55216-32-5
EuO europium monoxide 12020-60-9
EuO2V monoeuropium monovandium dioxide 88762-30-5
EuO3Ti europium titanium trioxide 12020-61-0
EuO3V europium metavanadate 39432-21-8
EuO4W europium tungsten tetraoxide 13537-12-7
EuS europium monosulfide 12020-65-4
EuS2 europium disulfide 55957-42-1
Eu2O dieuropium monoxide 62462-47-9
Eu2O2 dieuropium dioxide 62462-48-0
Eu2S dieuropium monosulfide 62462-49-1
Eu2S2 dieuropium disulfide 62462-51-5


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
F2Fe iron fluoride 41428-55-1
FGa gallium monofluoride 13966-78-4
FGaO gallium monofluoride monoxide 15586-66-0
FGd gadolinium monofluoride 12259-18-6
FGe germanium monofluoride 14929-46-5
FHg mercury fluoride 27575-47-9
FHo holmium monofluoride 16087-66-4
FI iodine monofluoride 13873-84-2
FI2 monofluorodiiodine 58751-33-0
FIn indium monofluoride 13966-95-5
FLa lanthanum monofluoride 13943-44-7
FLi lithium fluoride 7789-24-4
FLiO lithium hypofluorite 34240-84-1
FLi2 dilithium monofluoride 50644-69-4
FMg magnesium monofluoride 14953-28-7
FMn monomanganese monofluoride 13569-25-0
FMnO3 manganese fluoride trioxide 15586-97-7
FMo molybdenum monofluoride 60388-18-3
FN fluoroimidogen 13967-06-1
FNO nitrosyl fluoride 7789-25-5
FNO2 nitryl fluoride 10022-50-1
FNO3 fluorine nitrate 7789-26-6
FNS thiazyl fluoride 18820-63-8
FNa sodium fluoride 7681-49-4
FNa2 disodium monofluoride 87331-13-3
FNd neodymium monofluoride 13940-77-7
FO oxygen monofluoride 12061-70-0
FOTh thorium monofluoride monoxide 19797-90-1
FOTi titanium fluoride oxide 17497-75-5
FO2 dioxygen monofluoride 15499-23-7
FO3S fluorosulfate radical 21549-02-0
FP phosphorus monofluoride 16027-92-2
FPS phosphenothious fluoride 55753-39-4
FPS2 phosphenodithioic fluoride 137649-46-8
FPb lead monofluoride 14986-72-2
FPu plutonium monofluoride 20882-16-0
FRb rubidium fluoride 13446-74-7
FS monosulfur monofluoride 16068-96-5
FSc scandium monofluoride 14017-33-5
FSm samarium monofluoride 17209-59-5
FSn tin monofluoride 13966-74-0
FSr strontium monofluoride 13569-27-2
FTh thorium monofluoride 51686-34-1
FTi titanium fluoride 18025-22-4
FTl thallium monofluoride 7789-27-7
FW tungsten monofluoride 51621-16-0
FXe xenon monofluoride 16757-14-5
FY yttrium monofluoride 13981-88-9
FZr zirconium fluoride 13569-28-3
F2 fluorine 7782-41-4
F2Fe ferrous fluoride 7789-28-8
F2Ga gallium difluoride 51777-79-8
F2Gd gadolinium difluoride 12259-19-7
F2Ge germanium difluoride 13940-63-1
F2GeO difluorogermanone 72190-38-6
F2Hg mercury fluoride 7783-39-3
F2Hg2 mercury fluoride 13967-25-4
F2Ho holmium difluoride 16087-64-2
F2IP difluoroiodophosphine 13819-11-9
F2K2 dipotassium difluoride 12285-62-0
F2Kr krypton difluoride 13773-81-4
F2La lanthanum difluoride 15948-68-2
F2Li2 lithium fluoride 12265-82-6
F2Mg magnesium fluoride 7783-40-6
F2Mn manganese difluoride 7782-64-1
F2Mo molybdenum difluoride 20205-60-1
F2MoO2 molybdenum difluoride dioxide 13824-57-2
F2N difluoroamino radical 3744-07-8
F2N2O nitrosodifluoroamine 14984-78-2
F2Na2 disodium difluoride 12285-64-2
F2Nd neodymium difluoride 13940-76-6
F2Ni nickel difluoride 10028-18-9
F2O difluorine monoxide 7783-41-7
F2OS thionyl fluoride 7783-42-8
F2OSi difluorooxosilane 14041-22-6
F2OTi titanium fluoride oxide 13537-16-1
F2O2 perfluoroperoxide 7783-44-0
F2O2S sulfuryl fluoride 2699-79-8
F2O2W tungsten difluoride dioxide 14118-73-1
F2O5S3 peroxydisulfuryl difluoride
F2P phosphorus difluoride 13873-52-4
F2Pb lead difluoride 7783-46-2
F2Pt platinum difluoride 18820-56-9
F2Pu plutonium difluoride 20882-15-9
F2S sulfur difluoride 13814-25-0
F2SW tungsten difluoride monosulfide 41831-78-1
F2S2 difluorodisulfane 13709-35-8
F2S2 thiothionyl fluoride 16860-99-4
F2S2 thiothionyl fluoride 101947-30-2
F2S2W tungsten difluoride disulfide 41831-81-6
F2Sc scandium difluoride 14017-34-6
F2Se selenium difluoride 70421-43-1
F2Si difluorosilylene 13966-66-0
F2Sn tin difluoride 7783-47-3
F2Sr strontium fluoride 7783-48-4
F2Th thorium difluoride 28844-11-3
F2Ti titanium difluoride 13814-20-5
F2Tl2 dithallium difluoride 31970-97-5
F2W tungsten difluoride 33963-15-4
F2Xe xenon difluoride 13709-36-9
F2Y yttrium difluoride 13981-89-0
F2Zn zinc difluoride 7783-49-5
F2Zr zirconium fluoride 13842-94-9
F3Fe iron trifluoride 7783-50-8
F3Ga gallium trifluoride 7783-51-9
F3Gd gadolinium trifluoride 13765-26-9
F3Ho holmium trifluoride 13760-78-6
F3La lanthanum trifluoride 13709-38-1
F3Li3 trilithium trifluoride 110682-19-4
F3Lu lutetium trifluoride 13760-81-1
F3Mn manganese trifluoride 7783-53-1
F3Mo molybdenum trifluoride 20193-58-2
F3MoO molybdenum trifluoride oxide 22529-29-9
F3MoS molybdenum trifluoride sulfide 67374-76-9
F3N nitrogen trifluoride 7783-54-2
F3NO nitrogen trifluoride oxide 13847-65-9
F3NO2S difluoroaminosulfonyl fluoride 13709-30-3
F3NO3S difluoraminooxysulfonyl fluoride 6816-12-2
F3NS thiazyl trifluoride 15930-75-3
F3NaSn sodium trifluorostannate 13782-22-4
F3Nd neodymium trifluoride 13709-42-7
F3OP phosphoryl fluoride 13478-20-1
F3OTa tantalum monoxide trifluoride 20263-47-2
F3OV vanadium trifluoride oxide 13709-31-4
F3P phosphorus trifluoride 7783-55-3
F3PS thiophosphoryl fluoride 2404-52-6
F3Pr praseodymium trifluoride 13709-46-1
F3Pu plutonium trifluoride 13842-83-6
F3Rh rhodium fluoride 60804-25-3
F3S sulfur trifluoride 30937-38-3
F3SW tungsten trifluoride monosulfide 41831-79-2
F3Sb antimony trifluoride 7783-56-4
F3Sc scandium fluoride 13709-47-2
F3Si trifluorosilyl radical 14835-14-4
F3Sm samarium trifluoride 13765-24-7
F3Tb terbium trifluoride 13708-63-9
F3Th thorium trifluoride 13842-84-7
F3Ti titanium trifluoride 13470-08-1
F3Tl thallium trifluoride 7783-57-5
F3Tm thulium trifluoride 13760-79-7
F3W tungsten trifluoride 51621-17-1
F3Y yttrium trifluoride 13709-49-4
F3Yb ytterbium trifluoride 13760-80-0
F3Zr zirconium trifluoride 13814-22-7
F4Ge germanium tetrafluoride 7783-58-6
F4Ge2 digermanium tetrafluoride 12332-08-0
F4Hf hafnium fluoride 13709-52-9
F4Mg2 dimagnesium tetrafluoride 56450-89-6
F4Mg2 magnesium fluoride 58790-41-3
F4Mo molybdenum tetrafluoride 23412-45-5
F4MoO molybdenum tetrafluoride oxide 14459-59-7
F4MoS molybdenum tetrafluoride monosulfide 70487-60-4
F4N2 tetrafluorohydrazine 10036-47-2
F4Na2Sn disodium tetrafluorostannate 15007-55-3
F4OOs osmium oxide tetrafluoride 38448-58-7
F4OP2 diphosphorus tetrafluoride oxide 13812-07-2
F4ORe rhenium tetrafluoride oxide 17026-29-8
F4OS sulfur tetrafluoride oxide 13709-54-1
F4OW tungsten tetrafluoride oxide 13520-79-1
F4OXe xenon tetrafluoride oxide 13774-85-1
F4P2 diphosphorus tetrafluoride 13824-74-3
F4Pb lead tetrafluoride 7783-59-7
F4Pt platinum tetrafluoride 13455-15-7
F4Pu plutonium tetrafluoride 13709-56-3
F4S sulfur tetrafluoride 7783-60-0
F4SW tungsten tetrafluoride monosulfide 41831-80-5
F4Se selenium tetrafluoride 13465-66-2
F4Si silicon tetrafluoride 7783-61-1
F4Sn2 ditin tetrafluoride 130950-28-6
F4Ti titanium fluoride 7783-63-3
F4U uranium tetrafluoride 10049-14-6
F4W tungsten tetrafluoride 13766-47-7
F4Xe xenon tetrafluoride 13709-61-0
F4Zr zirconium tetrafluoride 7783-64-4
F5I iodine pentafluoride 7783-66-6
F5Mo molybdenum pentafluoride 13819-84-6
F5ORe rhenium monoxide pentafluoride 23377-53-9
F5P phosphorus pentafluoride 7647-19-0
F5Pu plutonium pentafluoride 31479-19-3
F5S sulfur pentafluoride 10546-01-7
F5Sb antimony pentafluoride 7783-70-2
F5Ta tantalum pentafluoride 7783-71-3
F5U uranium pentafluoride 13775-07-0
F5W tungsten pentafluoride 19357-83-6
F6Fe2 diiron hexafluoride 17114-45-3
F6La2 lanthanum trifluoride dimer 12592-31-3
F6Mo molybdenum hexafluoride 7783-77-9
F6NP3 nitridotriphosphorous hexafluoride 56564-56-8
F6Os osmium hexafluoride 13768-38-2
F6Pu plutonium hexafluoride 13693-06-6
F6Re rhenium hexafluoride 10049-17-9
F6S sulfur hexafluoride 2551-62-4
F6Se selenium hexafluoride 7783-79-1
F6Si2 hexafluorodisilane 13830-68-7
F6Sn3 tritin hexafluoride 12324-60-6
F6Te tellurium hexafluoride 7783-80-4
F6U uranium hexafluoride 7783-81-5
F6W tungsten hexafluoride 7783-82-6
F6Xe xenon hexafluoride 13693-09-9
F7I iodine fluoride 16921-96-3
F7NS pentafluorosulfanyldifluoroamine 13693-10-2
F7Re rhenium heptafluoride 17029-21-9
F8Si3 octafluorotrisilane 14521-14-3
F10Mo2 molybdenum fluoride 65653-18-1
F10S2 sulfur fluoride 5714-22-7
F15Mo3 molybdenum fluoride 65653-05-6
FeAsS iron arsenic sulfide
FeBr2 iron(II) bromide 7789-46-0
FeBr3 iron(III) bromide
FeBr3 · 6H2O iron(III) bromide hexahydrate
FeCO3 siderite
FeC2O4 iron oxalate
FeC5O5 iron pentacarbonyl
pentacarbonyl iron
FeC10H10 ferrocene
FeCl3 iron(III) chloride 7705-08-0
FeCr2O4 chromite (ore)
FeF2 · 4H2O iron(II) fluoride tetrahydrate
FeI iron monoiodide 33019-21-5
FeI2 iron diiodide
iron(II) iodide
FeI2 · 4H2O iron(II) iodide tetrahydrate
FeI3 iron(III) iodide
FeMoO4 iron(II) orthomolybdate
FeO iron monoxide
iron(II) oxide
FeO2 iron dioxide 12411-15-3
FeO2H goethite
FeO2H · nH2O limonite
FeO2H2 iron(II) hydroxide
FeO3H3 iron(III) hydroxide
FeO4S ferrous sulfate 7720-78-7
FeO8H4P2 iron(II) dihydrogen phosphate
FeP iron(III) phosphide
FeS iron sulfide
iron(II) sulfide
FeS2 pyrite
fool's gold
iron(IV) sulfide
FeSe iron(II) selenide
FeTe iron(II) telluride
FeTiO3 iron(II) metatitanate
FeVO4 iron(III) orthovanadate
FeWO4 iron(II) orthotungstate
FeZrO3 iron(II) metazirconate
Fe2I2 diiron diiodide 92785-64-3
Fe2I4 diiron tetraiodide 92785-63-2
Fe2O3 iron oxide
iron(III) oxide
Fe2O3 venetian red 8011-97-0
Fe2O12S3 ferric sulfate
iron(III) sulfate
Fe2O12W3 iron(III) orthotungstate
Fe2P diiron phosphide
Fe2SiO4 fayalite
Fe3H2Na2O45Si chrysotile
white asbestos
Fe3O4 magnetite
triiron(II, III) tetraoxide
Fe3P iron(tri) phosphide
Fe7Si8O24H2 amosite
brown asbestos


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
GaAs gallium(III) arsenide
GaAsO4 gallium(III) orthoarsenate
GaBr3 gallium(III) bromide 13450-88-9
Ga(C2H3O2)3 gallium(III) acetate
GaCl2 gallium(II) chloride 128579-09-9
GaCl3 gallium(III) chloride 13450-90-3
GaI2 gallium(II) iodide
GaI3 gallium(III) iodide 13450-91-4
GaN gallium(III) nitride
Ga(OH)3 gallium(III) hydroxide
GaPO4 gallium(III) orthophosphate
GaSb gallium(III) antimonide 12064-03-8
GaTe gallium(II) telluride 12024-14-5
Ga2O3 gallium(III) oxide 12024-21-4
Ga2(SO4)3·18H2O gallium(III) sulfate - octadecahydrate
Ga2S3 gallium(III) sulfide
Ga2Te3 gallium(III) telluride
GeBr4 germanium(IV) bromide 13450-92-5
GeH3COOH 2-germaacetic acid
GeI2 germanium(II) iodide 13573-08-5
GeI4 germanium(IV) iodide 13450-95-8
GeO germanium(II) oxide 20619-16-3


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
HBr hydrogen bromide
hydrobromic acid
HCCH acetylene
HCN hydrocyanic acid
hydrogen cyanide
HCONH2 formamide
HCOO formate ion
HCOOH formic acid
methanoic acid
HCOONH4 ammonium formate
HCO3 hydrogen carbonate ion
HC3H5O3 lactic acid
HC5H5N+ pyridinium ion
HC6H7O6 ascorbic acid
HC9H7O4 acetylsalicylic acid
HC12H17ON4SCl2 thiamine hydrochloride
vitamin B1 hydrochloride
HCl hydrochloric acid
hydrogen chloride
HClO hypochlorous acid 7790-92-3
HClO2 chlorous acid 13898-47-0
HClO3 chloric acid 7790-93-4
HClO4 perchloric acid 7601-90-3
HDO semiheavy water
HF hydrofluoric acid 7664-39-3
HI hydroiodic acid 10034-85-2
HIO3 iodic acid
HNO2 nitrous acid 7782-77-6
HNO3 nitric acid
hydrogen nitrate
HN3 hydrazoic acid 7782-79-8
HOCl hypochlorous acid 7790-92-3
HOF hypofluorous acid 14034-79-8
HOOCCOOH oxalic acid
HPO42− hydrogen phosphate ion
HSO3 hydrogen sulfite ion
HSO4 hydrogen sulfate
HTO partially tritiated water
H2 hydrogen 1333-74-0
H2C(CH)CN acrylonitrile
H2CO formaldehyde 19710-56-6
H2CO3 carbonic acid 107-32-4
H2CSO sulfine 40100-16-1
H2C2O4 oxalic acid 144-62-7
H2C4H4O6 tartaric acid
H2C8H4O4 phthalic acid
H2CrO4 chromic acid
H2NCH2COOH glycine
H2NNH2 hydrazine
H2O water 7732-18-5
H2O2 hydrogen peroxide 7722-84-1
H2PO4 dihydrogen phosphate ion
H2S hydrogen sulfide
hydrosulfuric acid
H2SO3 sulfurous acid
H2SO4 sulfuric acid
hydrogen sulfate
H2S2O7 disulfuric acid
H2S2O8 peroxydisulfuric acid
H2SeO4 selenic acid
H2SiO3 silicic acid 7699-41-4
H2TeO3 tellurous acid
H2TiO3 titanic acid
H3AsO4 arsenic acid
H3CCH2CH3 propane
H3N+CH2COO zwitterion
H3O+ hydronium ion
H3PO4 phosphoric acid 7664-38-2
H4XeO6 perxenic acid
H6TeO6 telluric acid
HfBr4 hafnium(IV) bromide 13777-22-5
HfF4 hafnium(IV) fluoride 13709-52-9
HfOCl2 · 8H2O hafnium(IV) oxychloride - octahydrate
HfOH(C2H3O2)3 hafnium(IV) acetate - basic
Hf(SO4)2 hafnium(IV) sulfate
Hg(BrO3)2 · 2H2O mercury(II) bromate - dihydrate
HgBr2 mercury(II) bromide 7789-47-1
Hg(C2H3O2)2 mercury(II) acetate
Hg(C7H5O2)2 · H2O mercury(II) benzoate - monohydrate
HgClO4 · 4H2O mercury(I) perchlorate - tetrahydrate
Hg(ClO4)2 · 3H2O mercury(II) perchlorate - trihydrate
HgCl2 mercury(II) chloride 7487-94-7
Hg(IO3)2 mercury(II) iodate
HgI2 mercury(II) iodide 7774-29-0
Hg(NO3)2 · H2O mercury(II) nitrate - monohydrate
HgO mercury(II) oxide 21908-53-2
HgS mercury(II) sulfide
Hg(SCN)2 mercury(II) thiocyanate
HgSe mercury(II) selenide
HgSeO3 mercury(II) selenite
HgTe mercury(II) telluride
HgTeO3 mercury(II) tellurite
HgWO4 mercury(II) tungstate
Hg2Br2 mercury(I) bromide 15385-58-7
Hg2Cl2 mercury chloride 10112-91-1
Hg2I2 mercury iodide 15385-57-6
Hg3(AsO4)2 mercury(II) orthoarsenate


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
IBr iodine(I) bromide 7789-33-5
IBr3 iodine(III) bromide
ICl iodine(I) chloride 7790-99-0
ICl3 iodine(III) chloride
IO3 iodate ion
I2 iodine 7553-56-2
I3 triiodide ion
InAs indium(III) arsenide
InBr indium(I) bromide 14280-53-6
InBrI2 indium(III) bromodiiodide
InBr2I indium(III) dibromoiodide
InBr3 indium(III) bromide 13465-09-3
InCl indium(I) chloride 13465-10-6
InCl2 indium(II) chloride
InCl3 indium(III) chloride 10025-82-8
InCl3·4H2O indium(III) chloride - tetrahydrate
InI indium(I) iodide 13966-94-4
In(IO3)3 indium(III) iodate
InI2 indium(II) iodide
InI3 indium(III) iodide 13510-35-5
In(NO3)3·4.5H2O indium(III) nitrate - tetrahemihydrate
In(OH)3 indium(III) hydroxide
InP indium(III) phosphide 22398-80-7
InPO4 indium(III) orthophosphate
InS indium(II) sulfide 12030-14-7
InSb indium(III) antimonide 1312-41-0
InTe indium(II) telluride 12030-19-2
In2O3 indium(III) oxide 1312-43-2
In2(SO4)3·H2O indium(III) sulfate - monohydrate
In2S3 indium(III) sulfide
In2Se3 indium(III) selenide
In2Te3 indium(III) telluride


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
KAlMg3Si3O12H2 phlogopite
KAlSi3O8 orthoclase
KAl3Si3O12H2 muscovite
KAu(CN)2 potassium dicyanoaurate(I)
KCN potassium cyanide 151-50-8
KC2H5O potassium ethoxide 917-58-8
KCl potassium chloride 7447-40-7
KCl · MgCl2 · 6H2O carnallite
KClo3sub>3 potassium chlorate 3811-04-9
KClO4 potassium perchlorate 7778-74-7
KF potassium fluoride 7789-23-3
KHCO3 potassium bicarbonate
potassium hydrogen carbonate
KHC4H4O6 potassium hydrogen tartrate 868-14-4
KHSO3 potassium hydrogen sulfite
potassium bisulfite
KHSO4 potassium hydrogen sulfate
KI potassium iodide 7681-11-0
KIO4 potassium metaperiodate 7790-21-8
KMnO4 potassium permanganate 7722-64-7
KNa potassium sodide 12056-29-0
KNO3 potassium nitrate
KO monopotassium monoxide 12401-70-6
KOH potassium hydroxide 1310-58-3
KO2 potassium superoxide 12030-88-5
KO3 potassium ozonide
KO4Re potassium perrhenate 10466-65-6
KSeCN potassium selenocyanate
KTaO3 potassium tantalate
K2CO3 potassium carbonate
K2Cr2O7 potassium dichromate 7778-50-9
K2[CuCl4] potassium tetrachlorocuprate(II)
K2MoO4 potassium orthomolybdate 13446-49-6
K2MoS4 potassium thiomolybdate
K2Na2 dipotassium disodium 66459-14-1
K2O potassium oxide 12136-45-7
K2O2 potassium peroxide 17014-71-0
K2O3P potassium metaphosphate 7790-53-6
K2O3Si potassium silicate 10006-28-7
K2O4S dipotassium sulfate 10233-01-9
K2O4S potassium sulfate 7778-80-5
K2O7NS2 potassium nitrosodisulfonate
Fremy's salt
K2[PtBr6] potassium hexabromoplatinate(IV)
K2[Pt(CNS)6] potassium hexathiocyanoplatinate(IV)
K2[PtCl4] potassium tetrachloroplatinate(II)
K2[PtCl6] potassium hexachloroplatinate(IV)
K2S potassium sulfide 1312-73-8
K2SO4 potassium sulfate 7778-80-5
K2SeO3 potassium selenite
K2SeO4 potassium selenate
K2SnF4 · H2O potassium fluostannate monohydrate
K2TeO3 potassium tellurite
K2TeO4 potassium tellurate
K2TiO3 potassium metatitanate
K2VO4 potassium orthovanadate
K2ZrO3 potassium metazirconate
K3[Co(NO2)6] potassium hexanitrocobaltate(III)
K3[Fe(CN)6] potassium hexacyanoferrate(III) 13746-66-2
K3O tripotassium monoxide 89091-89-4
K4[Fe(CN)6] potassium hexacyanoferrate(II) 14459-95-1
K4O tetrapotassium monoxide 89091-88-3
KrClF krypton chloride fluoride 58098-83-2


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
LaCl3 lanthanum(III) chloride 10099-58-8
LaPO4 lanthanum(III) phosphate 14913-14-5
LaPO4·0.5H2O lanthanum(III) phosphate crystal - hemihydrate
Li(AlSi2O6) keatite
LiBr lithium bromide 7550-35-8
LiBr·2H2O lithium bromide - dihydrate
LiBrO3 lithium bromate
LiCN lithium cyanide
LiC2H5O lithium ethoxide
LiHSO4 lithium hydrogen sulfate
LiIO3 lithium iodate
LiNO3 lithium nitrate
LiNO3·H2O lithium nitrate - monohydrate
LiTaO3 lithium tantalate
lithium metatantalate
LiVO3·2H2O lithium metavanadate - dihydrate
Li2B4O7·5H2O lithium tetraborate - pentahydrate
Li2CrO4 lithium chromate
Li2CrO4·2H2O lithium chromate - dihydrate
Li2Cr2O7 lithium dichromate
Li2MoO4 lithium orthomolybdate 13568-40-6
Li2NbO3 lithium metaniobate
Li2SO4 lithium sulfate 10377-48-7
Li2SeO3 lithium selenite
Li2SeO4 lithium selenate
Li2SiO3 lithium metasilicate 10102-24-6
lithium orthosilicate
Li2TeO3 lithium tellurite
Li2TeO4 lithium tellurate
Li2TiO3 lithium metatitanate 12031-82-2
Li2WO4 lithium orthotungstate 13568-45-1
Li2ZrO3 lithium metazirconate


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
Mg(AlO2)2 magnesium aluminate
MgCO3 magnesium carbonate
MgC2O4 magnesium oxalate
Mg(ClO3)2·xH2O magnesium chlorate - hydrate
MgCl2 magnesium chloride 7786-30-3
MgCrO4·5H2O magnesium chromate - pentahydrate
MgF2 magnesium fluoride 7783-40-6
MgI2 magnesium iodide 10377-58-9
MgMoO4 magnesium molybdate
MgNH4PO4·6H2O magnesium ammonium phosphate - hexahydrate
Mg(NO3)2·6H2O magnesium nitrate - hexahydrate
MgNaAl5(Si4O10)3(OH)6 montmorillonite (clay)
MgO magnesium oxide
Mg(OH)2 magnesium hydroxide
milk of magnesia
MgS magnesium sulfide 12032-36-9
MgSO4 magnesium sulfate 7487-88-9
MgSe magnesium selenide
MgSeO3 magnesium selenite
MgSeO4 magnesium selenate
MgSiO3 magnesium metasilicate
MgTiO3 magnesium metatitanate 12032-30-3
Mg(VO3)2 magnesium metavanadate
MgWO4 magnesium tungstate 13573-11-0
Mg2Al(AlSiO5)(OH)4 amesite
Mg2P2O7 magnesium pyrophosphate
Mg2SiO4 forsterite 10034-94-3
Mg3As2 magnesium arsenide
Mg3Bi2 magnesium bismuthide
Mg3P2 magnesium phosphide
Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4 chrysotile
Mg3(Si4O10)(OH)2 talc
Mg3(VO4)2 magnesium orthovanadate
MnAs manganese(III) arsenide
MnBi manganese(III) bismuthide
MnBr2 manganese(II) bromide 13446-03-2
MnBr2·4H2O manganese(II) bromide - tetrahydrate
Mn(CHO2)2·2H2O manganese(II) formate - dihydrate
MnCO3 manganese(II) carbonate
MnCl2 manganese(II) chloride 7773-01-5
MnF2 manganese(II) fluoride 7782-64-1
MnI2 manganese(II) iodide
MnMoO4 manganese(II) orthomolybdate
Mn(NO3)2·4H2O manganese(II) nitrate - tetrahydrate
MnO manganese(II) oxide 1344-43-0
Mn(OH)2 manganese hydroxide
MnOOH manganite
MnO2 manganese dioxide
MnO4 permanganate ion
MnPb8(Si2O7)3 barysilate
MnS manganese sulfide 18820-29-6
MnTe manganese(II) telluride
MnZrO3 manganese(II) metazirconate
Mn2O3 manganese(III) oxide
Mn3As2 manganese(II) arsenide
Mn3O4 manganese(II,III) oxide
trimanganese tetroxide
Mn3P2 manganese(II) phosphide
Mn3Sb2 manganese(II) antimonide
MoBr2 molybdenum(II) bromide 13446-56-5
MoBr3 molybdenum(III) bromide 13446-57-6
MoCl2 molybdenum(II) chloride
MoCl3 molybdenum(III) chloride
MoCl5 molybdenum(V) chloride 10241-05-1
MoO2 molybdenum(IV) oxide 18868-43-4
MoO42− molybdate ion
MoS2 molybdenum sulfide
molybdenum disulfide
Hg2Br2 mercury(I) bromide
mercury(i) bromide


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
NH2 amide ion
NH2CH2CH2NH2 ethylenediamine
NH2CONH2 urea
NH2C6H4SO3H sulfanilic acid
NH2OH hydroxylamine
(NH2)2CO urea
NH3 ammonia 7664-41-7
NH4+ ammonium ion
(NH4)3N ammonium nitride
NH4Br ammonium bromide 12124-97-9
NH4CO2NH2 ammonium carbamate
NH4Cl ammonium chloride 12125-02-9
NH4ClO4 ammonium perchlorate 7790-98-9
NH4HS ammonium hydrosulfide
(NH4)H2AsO4 ammonium dihydrogen arsenate
NH4NO3 ammonium nitrate 6484-52-2
NH4OCONH2 ammonium carbamate
(NH4)2Ce(NO3)6 ammonium cerium(IV) nitrate
ceric ammonium nitrate
(NH4)3PO4 Ammonium Phosphate DrDex also see sodium oxide :-)
(NH4)2CrO4 ammonium chromate
(NH4)2Hg(SCN)4 mercury(II) ammonium thiocyanate
(NH4)2[PtCl6] ammonium hexachloroplatinate(IV)
(NH4)2[Pt(SCN)6] ammonium hexathiocyanoplatinate(IV)
(NH4)2SO4 ammonium sulfate
NI3 nitrogen triiodide
NO nitric oxide
nitrogen oxide
nitrogen(II) oxide
NO2 nitrogen dioxide
nitrogen(IV) oxide
NO2 nitrite ion
NO2Cl nytril chloride 13444-90-1
NO3 nitrate ion
N2 nitrogen 7727-37-9
N2H4 hydrazine 302-01-2
N2O nitrous oxide
dinitrogen oxide
nitrogen(I) oxide
N2O3 dinitrogen trioxide
nitrogen(III) oxide
N2O4 dinitrogen tetroxide
nitrogen(IV) oxide
N2O5 dinitrogen pentaoxide
nitrogen(V) oxide
N4H4 trans-tetrazene 54410-57-0
NaAlSi3O3 albite
NaAsO2 sodium metaarsenite
NaAu(CN)2 sodium dicyanoaurate(I)
Na2Cr2O7 · 2H2O Sodium dichromate dihydrate 10588-01-9
Na[B(NO3)4] sodium tetranitratoborate(III)
NaBr sodium bromide 7647-15-6
NaCN sodium cyanide 143-33-9
NaC6F5COO pentafluorobenzoate
NaC6H5COO sodium benzoate
NaCa2(Al5Si5O20) · 6H2O thomsonite
NaCl sodium chloride
NaH sodium hydride 7646-69-7
NaHCOO sodium formate
NaHCO3 sodium bicarbonate
baking soda
NaI sodium iodide 7681-82-5
NaNH2C6H4SO3 sodium sulfanilate
NaNO3 sodium nitrate
NaNbO3 sodium metaniobate
NaNbO3 · 7H2O sodium metaniobate - heptahydrate
NaOH sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2
NaO2As(CH3)2 · 3H2O sodium salt of cacodylic acid
NaSeO3 sodium selenite
NaTaO3 sodium metatantalate
NaVO3 sodium metavanadate
Na2CO3 sodium carbonate
soda ash
Na2C2O4 sodium oxalate 62-76-0
Na2MoS4 sodium thiomolybdate
Na2O2 sodium peroxide 1313-60-6
Na2O sodium oxide DrDex also see Ammonium Phosphate :-)
Na2S sodium monosulfide 1313-82-2
Na2SO4 sodium sulfate
salt cake
Na2S2O3 sodium thiosulfate
Na2S2O5 sodium disulphite 7681-57-4
Na2S4 sodium tetrasulfide
Na2SeO4 sodium selenate
Na2TeO3 sodium tellurite
Na2TeO4 sodium tellurate
Na2TiO3 sodium metatitanate
Na2ZnO2 sodium zincate
Na2ZrO3 sodium metazirconate
Na3AlF6 cryolite 15096-52-3
Na3[Co(CO3)3] sodium tricarbonatocobaltate(III)
Na3VO4 sodium orthovanadate
Na4V2O7 sodium pyrovanadate
NbBr5 niobium(V) bromide 13478-45-0
NbCl3 niobium(III) chloride
NbCl5 niobium(V) chloride 10026-12-7
NbI5 niobium(V) iodide
Nb2O3 niobium(III) oxide
NdCl2 neodymium(II) chloride
neodymium dichloride
NdI2 neodymium(III) iodide
neodymium diiodide
Nd(OH)3 neodymium hydroxide
Nd2O3 neodymium(III) oxide
dineodymium trioxide
NiAs nickel(III) arsenide
NiAsS nickel arsenic sulfide
NiBr2 nickel(II) bromide 13462-88-9
NiBr2 · 3H2O nickel(II) bromide - trihydrate
NiBr2 · 6H2O nickel(II) bromide - hexahydrate
Ni(CO)4 nickel tetracarbonyl
NiC2O4 · 2H2O nickel(II) oxalate - dihydrate
NiCl2 nickel(II) chloride 7718-54-9
NiFe2O4 nickel(II) iron(III) oxide
NiI2 nickel(II) iodide
Ni(H2PO)2 · 6H2O nickel(II) hypophosphite - hexahydrate
NiMoO4 nickel(II) orthomolybdate
Ni(NO3)2 · 6H2O nickel(II) nitrate - hexahydrate
NiOOH nickel oxo-hydroxide
NiO nickel(II) oxide 1313-99-1
Ni(OH)2 nickel(II) hydroxide
NiS nickel(II) sulfide
NiSO4 nickel sulfate
NiS2 nickel sulfide 12035-51-7
NiSe nickel(II) selenide
NiTiO3 nickel(II) metatitanate
Ni(VO3)2 nickel(II) metavanadate
NiWO4 nickel(II) orthotungstate
Ni2SiO4 nickel(II) orthosilicate
Ni3(PO4)2 nickel(II) orthophosphate
Ni3Sb2 nickel(II) antimonide


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
O2 oxygen 7782-44-7
O2 superoxide ion
O22− peroxide ion
OF2 oxygen difluoride 7783-41-7
O2F2 dioxygen difluoride 7783-44-0
OH hydroxide ion
O3 ozone 10028-15-6
O3 ozonide ion


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
PH3 phosphine 7803-51-2
POCl3 phosphoryl chloride 10025-87-3
PO43− phosphate ion
P2I4 phosphorus(II) iodide
P2O74− pyrophosphate ion
P2S3 phosphorus(III) sulfide
P2Se3 phosphorus(III) selenide
P2Se5 phosphorus(V) selenide
P2Te3 phosphorus(III) telluride
P3N5 phosphorus(V) nitride 12136-91-3
P4O10 tetraphosphorus decaoxide 16752-60-6
Pb(CH3COO)2·3H2O lead acetate - trihydrate
PbCO3 lead carbonate
Pb(C2H5)4 tetraethyllead
PbC2O4 lead oxalate
PbCrO4 lead chromate
PbF2 lead fluoride 7783-46-2
Pb(IO3)2 lead iodate
PbI2 lead(II) iodide 10101-63-0
Pb(NO3)2 lead(II) nitrate
lead dinitrate
plumbous nitrate
Pb(N3)2 lead azide
PbO lead(II) oxide
Pb(OH)2 plumbous hydroxide
Pb(OH)4 plumbic hydroxide
plumbic acid
Pb(OH)62− plumbate ion
PbO2 lead(IV) oxide
lead dioxide
PbS lead sulfide
lead (II) sulfide
PbSO4 lead(II) sulfate 7446-14-2
Pb3(SbO4)2 lead antimonate
PtBr2 platinum(II) bromide
PtBr4 platinum(IV) bromide
PtCl2 platinum(II) chloride
PtCl4 platinum(IV) chloride
PtI2 platinum(II) iodide
PtI4 platinum(IV) iodide
[Pt(NH2CH2CH2NH2)3]Br4 tris(ethylenediamine)platinum(IV) bromide
[Pt(NH3)2(H2O)2Cl2]Br2 diamminediaquadichloroplatinum(VI) bromide
PtO2 platinum(IV) oxide 50417-46-4
PtS2 platinum(IV) sulfide


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
RbAl(SO4)2·12H2O rubidium aluminum sulfate - dodecahydrate
RbBr rubidium bromide 7789-39-1
RbC2H3O2 rubidium acetate
RbCl rubidium chloride 7791-11-9
RbClO4 rubidium perchlorate
RbF rubidium fluoride 13446-74-7
RbNO3 rubidium nitrate 13126-12-0
RbO2 rubidium superoxide
Rb2C2O4 rubidium oxalate
Rb2CrO4 rubidium chromate
Rb2PO4 rubidium orthophosphate
Rb2SeO3 rubidium selenite
Rb2SeO4 rubidium selenate
Rb3C6H5O7·H2O rubidium citrate - monohydrate


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
SCN thiocyanate
SF4 sulfur tetrafluoride
SF6 sulfur hexafluoride 2551-62-4
SOF2 thionyl difluoride 7783-42-8
SO2 sulfur dioxide 7446-09-5
SO2Cl2 sulfuryl chloride 7791-25-5
SO2F2 sulfuryl difluoride 2699-79-8
SO2OOH peroxymonosulfurous acid (aqueous)
SO3 sulfur trioxide 7446-11-9
SO32− sulfite ion
SO42− sulfate ion
S2Br2 sulfur(II) bromide 71677-14-0
S2O32− thiosulfate ion
S2O72− disulfate ion
SbBr3 antimony(III) bromide 7789-61-9
SbCl3 antimony(III) chloride 10025-91-9
SbCl5 antimony(V) chloride 7647-18-9
SbI3 antimony(III) iodide 7790-44-5
SbPO4 antimony(III) phosphate
Sb2OS2 antimony oxysulfide
Sb2O3 antimony(III) oxide 1309-64-4
Sb2O5 antimony(V) oxide
Sb2S3 antimony(III) sulfide 1345-04-6
Sb2Se3 antimony(III) selenide 1315-05-5
Sb2Se5 antimony(V) selenide
Sb2Te3 antimony(III) telluride
Sc2O3 scandium oxide
SeBr4 selenium(IV) bromide
SeCl selenium(I) chloride
SeCl4 selenium(IV) chloride 10026-03-6
SeOCl2 selenium(IV) oxychloride 7791-23-3
SeOF2 selenyl difluoride
SeO2 selenium(IV) oxide 7446-08-4
SeO42− selenate ion
SeTe selenium(IV) telluride 12067-42-4
SiBr4 silicon(IV) bromide 7789-66-4
SiC silicon carbide 409-21-2
SiCl4 silicon(IV) chloride 10026-04-7
SiH4 silane 7803-62-5
SiI4 silicon(IV) iodide 13465-84-4
SiO2 silicon(IV) oxide
SiO44− silicate ion
Si2O76− disilicate ion
Si3N4 silicon nitride 12033-89-5
Si6O1812− cyclosilicate ion
SnBrCl3 tin(IV) bromotrichloride
SnBr2 tin(II) bromide 10031-24-0
SnBr2Cl2 tin(IV) dibromodichloride
SnBr3Cl tin(IV) tribromochloride 14779-73-8
SnBr4 tin(IV) bromide 7789-67-5
SnCl2 tin(II) chloride 7772-99-8
SnCl2I2 tin(IV) dichlorodiiodide
SnCl4 tin(IV) chloride 7646-78-8
Sn(CrO4)2 tin(IV) chromate
SnI4 tin(IV) iodide 7790-47-8
SnO2 tin(IV) oxide 18282-10-5
SnO32− stannate ion
SnS tin(II) sulfide 1314-95-0
SnS2 tin(IV) sulfide
Sn(SO4)2·2H2O tin(IV) sulfate - dihydrate
SnSe tin(II) selenide 1315-06-6
SnSe2 tin(IV) selenide
SnTe tin(II) telluride 12040-02-7
SnTe4 tin(IV) telluride
Sn(VO3)2 tin(II) metavanadate
Sn3Sb4 tin(IV) antimonide
SrBr2 strontium bromide 10476-81-0
SrBr2·6H2O strontium bromide - hexahydrate
SrCO3 strontium carbonate
SrCl2 strontium chloride
SrC2O4 strontium oxalate
SrF2 strontium fluoride 7783-48-4
SrI2 strontium iodide 10476-86-5
SrI2·6H2O strontium iodide - hexahydrate
Sr(MnO4)2 strontium permanganate
SrMoO4 strontium orthomolybdate 13470-04-7
Sr(NbO3)2 strontium metaniobate
SrO strontium oxide 1314-11-0
SrSeO3 strontium selenite
SrSeO4 strontium selenate
SrTeO3 strontium tellurite
SrTeO4 strontium tellurate
SrTiO3 strontium metatitanate


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
T2O tritium oxide
tritiated water
TaBr3 tantalum(III) bromide
TaBr5 tantalum(V) bromide
TaCl5 tantalum(V) chloride 7721-01-9
TaI5 tantalum(V) iodide
TaO3 tantalate ion
TcO4 pertechnetate ion
TeBr2 tellurium(II) bromide
TeBr2 tellurium(II) bromide
TeBr4 tellurium(IV) bromide
TeCl2 tellurium(II) chloride
TeCl4 tellurium(IV) chloride 10026-07-0
TeI2 tellurium(II) iodide
TeI4 tellurium(IV) iodide
TeO2 tellurium(IV) oxide 7446-07-3
TeO4 tellurate ion
TeY yttrium telluride 12187-04-1
Th(CO3)2 thorium carbonate 19024-62-5
Th(NO3)4 thorium nitrate 13823-29-5
TiBr4 titanium(IV) bromide 7789-68-6
TiCl2I2 titanium(IV) dichlorodiiodide
TiCl3I titanium(IV) trichloroiodide
TiCl4 titanium tetrachloride 7550-45-0
TiO2 titanium dioxide
TiO32− titanate ion
TlBr thallium(I) bromide 7789-40-4
TlBr3 thallium(III) bromide
Tl(CHO2) thallium(I) formate
TlC2H3O2 thallium(I) acetate 563-68-8
Tl(C3H3O4) thallium(I) malonate
TlCl thallium(I) chloride 7791-12-0
TlCl3 thallium(III) chloride
TlF thallium(I) fluoride 7789-27-7
TlI thallium(I) iodide 7790-30-9
TlIO3 thallium(I) iodate
TlI3 thallium(III) iodide
TiI4 titanium(IV) iodide 7720-83-4
TiO(NO3)2 · xH2O titanium(IV) oxynitrate - hydrate
TlNO3 thallium(I) nitrate 10102-45-1
TlOH thallium(I) hydroxide
TlPF6 thallium(I) hexafluorophosphate 60969-19-9
TlSCN thallium thiocyanate
Tl2MoO4 thallium(I) orthomolybdate
Tl2SeO3 thallium(I) selenite
Tl2TeO3 thallium(I) tellurite
Tl2WO4 thallium(I) orthotungstate
Tl3As thallium(I) arsenide


Chemical formula Synonyms preston zander
UF4 uranium(IV) fluoride 10049-14-6
UF6 uranium(VI) fluoride 7783-81-5


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
VBr2 vanadium(II) bromide
VBr3 vanadium(III) bromide
VCl2 vanadium(II) chloride 10580-52-6
VCl3 vanadium(III) chloride 7718-98-1
VSO5 vanadium oxysulfate 27774-13-6
V2O3 vanadium(III) oxide 1314-34-7
V2O5 vanadium pentoxide 1314-62-1
V2O74− divanadate ion
pyrovanadate ion


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
WBr2 tungsten(II) bromide 13470-10-5
WBr3 tungsten(III) bromide 15163-24-3
WBr4 tungsten(IV) bromide 14055-81-3
WBr5 tungsten(V) bromide 13470-11-6
WBr6 tungsten(VI) bromide 13701-86-5
W(CO)6 tungsten(VI) carbonyl 14040-11-0
WCl2 tungsten(II) chloride 13470-12-7
WCl3 tungsten(III) chloride 20193-56-0
WCl4 tungsten(IV) chloride 13470-13-8
WCl5 tungsten(V) chloride 13470-14-9
WCl6 tungsten(VI) chloride 13283-01-7
WF4 tungsten(IV) fluoride 13766-47-7
WF5 tungsten(V) fluoride 19357-83-6
WF6 tungsten(VI) fluoride 7783-82-6
WI2 tungsten(II) iodide 13470-17-2
WI4 tungsten(IV) iodide 14055-84-6
WOBr3 tungsten(V) oxytribromide 20213-56-3
WOBr4 tungsten(VI) oxytetrabromide 13520-77-9
WOCl3 tungsten(V) oxytrichloride 14249-98-0
WOCl4 tungsten(VI) oxytetrachloride 13520-78-0
WOF2 tungsten(VI) oxytetrafluoride 13520-79-1
WO2 tungsten(IV) oxide 12036-22-5
WO2Br2 tungsten(VI) dioxydibromide 13520-75-7
WO2Cl2 tungsten(VI) dioxydichloride 13520-76-8
WO2I2 tungsten(VI) dioxydiiodide 14447-89-3
WO3 tungsten(VI) oxide 1314-35-8
WO42− tungstate ion
WS2 tungsten(IV) sulfide 12138-09-9
WS3 tungsten(VI) sulfide 12125-19-8
WSe2 tungsten(IV) selenide 12067-46-8
WTe2 tungsten(IV) telluride 12067-76-4
W2C tungsten carbide 12070-13-2


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
XeF xenon(I) fluoride 16757-14-5
XeF2 xenon(II) fluoride 13709-36-9 happi feet
XeF4 xenon(IV) fluoride 13709-61-0
XeF6 xenon(VI) fluoride 13693-09-9
XeO3 xenon(VI) oxide 13776-58-4
XeO4 xenon(VIII) oxide 12340-14-6
XeOF4 xenon oxytetrafluoride 13774-85-1
XeO2F2 xenon dioxydifluoride 13875-06-4
XeO64− perxenate ion


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
YAs ytrrium arsenide 12255-48-0
YB6 yttrium boride 12008-32-1
YBr3 yttrium bromide 13469-92-2
YC2 yttrium carbide 12071-35-1
YCl3 ytrrium chloride 10361-92-9
YF3 yttrium fluoride 13709-49-4
YP yttrium phosphide 12294-01-8
YSb yttrium antimonide 12186-97-7
YVO4 yttrium vanadate 13566-12-6
Y2O3 yttria
yttrium oxide
Y2S3 yttrium sulfide 12039-19-9
YbBr2 ytterbium(II) bromide 25502-05-0
YbBr3 ytterbium(III) bromide 13759-89-2
YbCl2 ytterbium(II)chloride 13874-77-6
YbCl3 ytterbium(III) chloride 10361-91-8
YbCl3·6H2O ytterbium(III) chloride hexahydrate 19423-87-1
YbF2 ytterbium(II) fluoride 15192-18-4
YbF3 ytterbium(III) fluoride 13760-80-0
YbI2 ytterbium(II) iodide 19357-86-9
YbI3 ytterbium(III) iodide 13813-44-0
YbSe ytterbium(II) selenide 12039-54-2
YbSi2 ytterbium(II) silicide 12039-89-3
Yb2O3 ytterbium(III) oxide 1314-37-0
Yb2S3 ytterbium(III) sulfide 12039-20-2
Yb2Se3 ytterbium(III) selenide 12166-52-8
YbTe ytterbium(II) telluride 12125-58-5


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
Zn(AlO2)2 zinc aluminate
Zn(AsO2)2 zinc arsenite 10326-24-6
ZnBr2 zinc bromide 7699-45-8
Zn(CN)2 zinc cyanide 557-21-1
ZnCO3 zinc carbonate 3486-35-9
Zn(C8H15O2)2 zinc caprylate 557-09-5
Zn(ClO3)2 zinc chlorate 10361-95-2
ZnCl2 zinc chloride 7646-85-7
ZnCr2O4 zinc chromite 12018-19-8
ZnF2 zinc fluoride 7783-49-5
Zn(IO3)2 zinc iodate 7790-37-6
ZnI2 zinc iodide 10139-47-6
ZnMoO4 zinc orthomolybdate
Zn(NO2)2 zinc nitrite 10102-02-0
Zn(NO3)2 zinc nitrate 7779-88-6
Zn(NbO3)2 zinc metaniobate
ZnO zinc(II) oxide
zinc oxide
ZnO2 zinc peroxide 1314-22-3
Zn(OH)2 zinc hydroxide 20427-58-1
Zn(OH)42− zincate ion
ZnS zinc sulfide
Zn(SCN)2 zinc thiocyanate 557-42-6
ZnSO4 zinc sulfate 7733-02-0
ZnSb zinc antimonide 12039-35-9
ZnSe zinc selenide 1315-09-9
ZnSeO3 zinc selenite
ZnSnO3 zinc stannate
Zn(TaO3)2 zinc metatantalate
ZnTe zinc telluride 1315-11-3
ZnTeO3 zinc tellurite
ZnTeO4 zinc tellurate
ZnTiO3 zinc metatitanate
Zn(VO3)2 zinc metavanadate
ZnWO4 zinc orthotungstate
ZnZrO3 zinc metazirconate
Zn2P2O7 zinc pyrophosphate 7446-26-6
Zn2SiO4 zinc orthosilicate 13597-65-4
Zn3(AsO4)2 zinc arsenate 13464-44-3
Zn3As2 zinc arsenide
Zn3N2 zinc nitride 1313-49-1
Zn3P2 zinc phosphide 1314-84-7
Zn3(PO4)2 zinc phosphate 7779-90-0
Zn3Sb2 zinc antimonide
ZrB2 zirconium boride 12045-64-6
ZrBr4 zirconium bromide 13777-25-8
ZrC zirconium carbide 12020-14-3
ZrCl4 zirconium tetrachloride 10026-11-6
ZrF4 zirconium fluoride 7783-64-4
ZrI4 zirconium iodide 13986-26-0
ZrN zirconium nitride 25658-42-8
Zr(OH)4 zirconium hydroxide 14475-63-9
ZrO2 zirconium dioxide
ZrO32− zirconate ion
ZrP2 zirconium phosphide 12037-80-8
ZrS2 zirconium sulfide 12039-15-5
ZrSi2 zirconium silicide 12039-90-6
ZrSiO4 zirconium orthosilicate 10101-52-7
Zr3(PO4)4 zirconium phosphate
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